Making Your Customers Feel Safe in the New Normal


Making our customers feel safe during the transition into the new normal is imperative, and an area where we have placed a large focus, muses Greg Gillman, Chief Revenue Officer of MuteSix. In today’s economy, companies are looking for security, as well as targeted, turnkey strategies to help produce the best results within a budget that makes them feel as if they aren’t overextending.

While many companies pushed the pause button on their visibility efforts during the past year, they will soon be experiencing the need to play catchup to remain as relevant as those businesses who stayed the course with their campaigns and digital PR.

To finally move into a period of growth again, it will be vital to implement new, innovative strategies and to work with a company they trust. So, build a brand identity that exudes empathy, trustworthiness and a reputation for providing successful outcomes. This alone will provide a huge advantage over your competitors who have opted for complacency.

Here is how you can make your customers feel safe in the new normal.

Turn to Digital Transformation

A tip I would like to share is to meet your customers where they are, says Charles McMillan, Founder of Stand With Main Street. This means looking to digital transformation on how to refer to a more innovative approach so that you can provide a more seamless experience for your customers. 

Making that extra effort of bringing your products or services to your customer’s homes will help you maintain customer satisfaction because remember, while big business moves may be all nice and shiny, supporting customers during small everyday moments is something that can never be overruled.

Go Beyond Standard Protocol

Sandra Craft, the CEO of ThinkImpact says that being safe is one of the most important factors that customers consider before they go outside of their homes. This is why businesses comply with government health and safety protocols so that customers will be confident in entering their premises, but there are businesses that go the extra mile by doing more of the protocols. 

Providing gloves and disposable utensils are some of those moves some businesses are doing while some have a covered designated place or seat like you’re inside a bubble, which also adds to the attractiveness of the business, as well as the time-to-time schedule of sanitization.

Rotate Employees

Mandatory tests and proper hygiene has become our top priority before having a brief meeting with our clients to visit a property. Aside from that, says Realtor and Co-Founder of Condo Wizard, Tal Shelef, we don’t send the same person to every client since one meet-up means a quarantine for about two weeks for safety reasons. 

These are all well-discussed too on Zoom meetings beforehand to reassure them, adds Shelef. Following the new normal’s safety protocols is the new face of every operating business nowadays, not only for the customers but also for employees. A business won’t work if there are no people working for it so it’s good to take care of the employees as well.

Seamless Checkouts and Alternate Order Fulfillment Methods

Stores should also consider a more seamless checkout experience for customers that allows for greater safety such as self-checkout or contactless payment. Identifying a more efficient checkout experience can not only increase safety for customers and employees alike but also enhance the customer experience notes Carlos Castelán, Managing Director of The Navio Group.

Additionally, for stores that are able to offer delivery or click and collect models, strong inventory levels to fulfill orders, as well as an easy-to-use website to order online, makes it easy for customers to re-engage. Many businesses started to offer curbside pickup options or similar contactless pickup that allow customers to shop conveniently which will resonate with customers even after the pandemic subsides.

Reduce Touchpoints

One thing that you could work on is reducing touchpoints within your washrooms. Touchpoints are pretty much exactly what they sound like, explains Charlie Worrall, Digital Marketing Executive of Imaginaire Digital. They’re moments when a person has to touch a physical point in the washroom, for example, the toilet flush or the tap. By installing touchless/sensor taps, flushes, and soap dispensers, you’re much more likely to reduce the spread of germs.

If you’re open to a small remodelling of your washroom, a trough sink is a great addition to the space. A deep trough sink is used within the medical community (hospitals, surgeries and more) because the very design helps to keep the water contained within the sink instead of splashing across the floor or on your clothes.

When you introduce these things into your business and its washrooms, you need to communicate these upgrades and improvements. in doing this, you’re likely to put your customers’ minds at ease a little and help them feel a little more confident.

In Conclusion: Be Transparent

While businesses are navigating this new normal, it’s also important to be transparent with your audience about what precautions you’re taking in your business, recommends SEO Specialist of the A.H. Management Group, Elizabeth Weatherby. Whether you’ve managed to pivot your business and switch your services to mainly online, or you’re taking steps towards cleaning,

disinfecting, and providing contactless service, you’ll want your consumers to know. 

The more they know, the safer they will feel as they continue to do business with you. Decide how your team will go about communicating your safety efforts with your customers. Will you make an announcement? Do you have a banner implemented on the service pages of your website? Will you be addressing/responding to how you’ll be ensuring safe business transactions moving forward? Be specific with these updates! 

Tell clients and customers exactly how you’re being safe! Your customers will want to know. You’ll also want to consider putting this info online somewhere that’s easy to find, if it’s not already. When users are searching for your company, this info should be at the forefront of search results, and easy for customers to find/digest. 

Transparency is key during this time!


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