As more developers create useful apps for mobile users, the market for mobile applications is expanding rapidly. This digital marketing has also been adopted by students who have used the available resources to create useful applications. The digital age allows students to access online college homework help at the click of a button. This allows them to focus on their passions and frees up time.

As technology advances, the number of student app developers will only continue to grow. A student can learn to code with reliable internet access via their smartphone. Students know that they are the custodians for tomorrow and that they will do everything possible to make it a better place for future generations.

The mobile app market is growing exponentially as more people use smartphones to surf the web. Mobile applications are being developed by students to make money, but also fight social injustices, promote environmental conservation, and make a difference.

Let’s look at the motivation behind five apps that were created by students.


This is the first application on our list. It was created by a student at American University in their sophomore year. MEANS Database is the official name of the application. Its primary goal is to connect food pantries and food banks with businesses and organizations that have excess food.

It’s a food savings notification system that aims at reducing food wastage and providing meals to those who are in greatest need. It is a non-profit application and it is highly regarded because it bridges a gap that has been there for many years.


Three students created the second app we will discuss in 2017. The Uni-Life app was created in 2017 by three students. It was inspired by the absence of a digest of all events hosted by student organizations. It was available for Android and iOS users through Google Play or App Store.

This application allows students to filter the events on and off campus that match their interests. This application has made it possible for students to manage their time better by not having to attend an event just because it is hosted.

Additionally, student event organizers had posted information about upcoming events, allowing interested students to plan ahead for their event so that they can dress appropriately and are ready to interact with others.

Water Well Forecasting and Analysis App

This mobile app has won numerous awards and made a significant impact on people who are unable to access water. This is a water well mapping application that uses machine learning technology. It displays information about the distribution and locations of water wells in Tanzania.

This app is used by locals to predict the good health of their nearby wells in order to plan for water shortage seasons. This app is also used by those responsible for maintaining water wells to determine if it is safe to descend there.


Chommie, another groundbreaking mobile app was created by students with a vision. The app was created by students in Cape Town, who wanted to establish a digital marketplace for personal services. Although the application was created for students, it can be used by anyone. You can access a wide variety of services and opportunities that are customized to meet your needs, regardless of whether you’re a student.


Last but not least, there is an app that can be viewed by individuals with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) as a lifeline. EyeCanDo was a student-developed application that took the world by storm. Second, because it is so innovative, no one could have predicted that such an idea would be possible.

EyeCanDo was created to make the lives easier for people with ALS. This application was developed by students using health informatics. It provides a solution to the mobility issues that ALS patients face. They were interested in rare diseases with few breakthrough treatments, and ALS was their ideal candidate.

EyeCanDo was an affordable product that supported people with disabilities. Students worked on this application to help ALS patients control appliances and applications in their homes. Their camera’s front-facing camera tracks their eye movements to determine what they are looking for.


We are proud of the students who have created or are in the process of creating applications that will benefit their community. It’s refreshing to see students use technology for good, stand up for their community, and create apps that help those in greatest need. We are eager to see more applications created by students who truly understand the power of technology.


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