What effect do solar flares have on earth?; A solar flare could actually be pretty devastating for Earth, and while it is a common fear that one will cause the planet to explode. It simply isn’t possible because of how our atmosphere protects us from these blasts.

The last thing anyone wants – aside from an apocalypse-worthy event like this happening in real life – are those with legitimate concerns about space weather worries feeling unheard or dismissed by experts who should know better than they do what’s really going on up there!

You would think that solar activity has been in a perpetual lull. That’s not true at all, and while it is ramping up to what we know as the Solar Maximum – something that occurs every 11 years or so – this same cycle of events has occurred over millennia without any harm done to those who have lived through them before.

We have seen how the unpredictable nature of space weather can cause disruptions in our day-to-day lives while we’re on Earth. The same effects are true when it comes to communications from satellites, as solar flares produce electromagnetic radiation and energetic particles that make their way down to us here on Earth.

One of the most disruptive effects that can happen to a power grid is when solar particles collide with it and cause an electromagnetic fluctuation. This would produce electric fluctuations at ground level, which, if large enough, could blow out transformers in the system. A coronal mass ejection or CME also produces bursts of particles into Earth’s atmosphere as well as causing other problems for satellites orbiting the Earth, like disrupting their electronics systems!

There are many ways in which the sun can interfere with your life without you even knowing. For example, it affects GPS navigation and airplane routes because of space weather.

But it is not just a problem like hurricanes are. One can have advanced information and proper precautions to take during these events. For instance, if one is in the midst of hurricane watch, they should stay put or be prepared by sealing up their house and turning off electronics before going outside while also avoiding CMEs that come from outer space when scientists at NASA give warnings about them coming down towards Earth which people who work with electricity companies, as well as pilots for airplanes, need to know so they too prepare themselves accordingly.

The Space Weather Prediction Center is the U.S. government’s official source for space weather forecasts, alerts, watches, and warnings that can’t be ignored because they will make or break our day-to-day activities on Earth! Like how we’ve improved meteorology over the last few decades, improving these predictive abilities is one of NASA’s reasons for studying solar activity and its effects on us here down below (and vice versa).


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