Crypto iGaming Companies are Driving Bitcoin Adoption to the New Heights



The iGaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, which surprises us with permanent innovativeness. Also, we can consider this industry as one of the top influences of digital currencies.

Currently, the iGaming industry perfectly deals with the popularity of the crypto market and takes huge advantage of it. We can claim many examples of it. For instance, if online casinos were not too popular years ago and gambling was only available with fiat currencies, today, online gambling platforms are even more popular than land-based. Similarly, gambling for crypto is more commonly used than for fiat currencies.

Why is it like that? Customers care about convenience. The more simply available the service, the more interested they will be in it. Before the iGaming industry would adopt crypto services, gamers needed to consider the availability of their national currencies to platforms. Then they needed to evaluate the currency rate fluctuations.

Cryptocurrencies became the way to destroy all these borders connected to availability. You are not dependent on any government or financial institutions if you have crypto assets. You can play for BTC, LTC, ETH, and other currencies, regardless of country. As it is not regulated and includes a decentralized system, using different online services, including iGaming company suggestions, is more convenient and straightforward to try. That became why people liked how the iGaming market adopted cryptocurrencies. Today, we will talk about how beneficial it became for the iGaming industry but also will introduce some companies that will suggest a new level of crypto adoption in 2023.

Why is iGaming Better with Cryptocurrencies?

As we already talked about how crypto makes iGaming services more available, let’s move on to safety. Cryptos are considered safer to try than fiats. It is not only about influential factors and rate fluctuations but cyber security too. Cryptos have an extra layer of safety, but this does not mean you have 100% protection. You do not have it, but you can maximize it with simple steps.  There are more ways to make your crypto assets protected and safely use them for the iGaming experience.

Another benefit is that crypto gamers can earn some NFTs or additional cryptos by winning some games. Yes, fiat currencies have bonus opportunities, but in the case of crypto, promotions are more diverse and intensive. For example, to encourage crypto playing, many online casinos have exclusive bonuses for different games. So, if you would love to earn additional crypto coins and at the same time enjoy gaming, this is the perfect opportunity to use. These bonuses include other bonus features for games, BTC prizes that you can withdraw simply, and some extra tournaments with higher rewards. Promotions are one of the main reasons why most gamers try to play with crypto and not only for fiats anymore.

In addition to this, increasing the enjoyment of your online gaming experience is very simple to access. First, you must have crypto assets and a safe wallet to manage them. We recommend you follow this link to buy cryptocurrency, as it will avoid the risks of cyber attacks. Afterward, you must select the safe gaming platform and add your crypto deposit to your gaming account. After these two simple steps, you can get this convenient experience full of bonus possibilities.

Crypto Trends in iGaming 2023 – Companies You Need to Check Out!

There is a widespread opinion that the iGaming industry will help the digital currency market to end crypto winter and start positive tendencies. Today, most online gaming platforms, especially when it comes to gambling and betting, have adopted crypto to their platforms. Here we have to outline the increased adoption of BTC and its improvement as it is the most demanded crypto coin. Predictions for BTC in 2023 are very optimistic and expected to be much more stable and valuable. If this positive tendency continues, the total value of the iGaming market will likely exceed 5 billion in 2023. Note that in 2022, it reached 4.6 billion USD.

In 2023, it is expected that the Asia and Pacific region will be more focused on developing BTC adoption to their services. Here we do not include leading markets such as Singapore. We talk about Vietnamese and Japanese iGaming companies. Companies such as Sky Mavis, Immutable X, Animoca Brands, and Square Enix have announced new partnerships and upcoming games for 2023. More specifically, Immutable X increased partners to develop the Web3 project, whereas We Made, the Korean iGaming company, started a partnership with GameFi. It will help them to make their WeMix system more diverse and attractive for customers.

The same can be said about Square Enix, which started positioning in NFTs and active involvement of Animoca Brands in the metaverse. So in total, it is expected that about 36% of iGaming companies will have a higher level of crypto opportunities in 2023, increasing funding and other positive impacts on this market.


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