Are you looking for ways of how to charge solar lights without the sun? You are at the right place. In this blog post, e have mentioned some of the easiest ways to charge your solar lights without sun.

Clean Your Solar Panels 

Clean solar panels are the foundation of a clean home. The dirt, dust, and grime that can collect on your house’s windows or roof are only compounded by sunlight blocked out due to cloudy weather conditions. Cleaning these surfaces during sunny days will help charge up your lights more efficiently, but when you’re stuck indoors with little natural light, it takes some extra effort for them to do their job properly- cleaning off previous streaks created from washing detergents being used in prior attempts at cleanup!

Move Lights in the Place to Get Limited Sunlight

The way you position solar panels is critical to their performance. Solar lights will not recharge in less than 8 hours and may take up to 16 with the right positioning! As long as your panel faces south or southwest – depending on what time of year it is- when they should be set where there are no obstructions from trees or buildings blocking them from getting direct sunlight all day.

Use Mirrors to Redirect Sunlight

You can use mirrors to reflect the sun onto your solar panels if they’re in a shaded area. You’ll need two-sided mirrors or one that is twice as big as your panel – whichever you prefer! This will help get all of the light needed for it to work properly.

Use Artificial Lighting Bulb to Charge Solar Lights

Charge the solar lights with an incandescent bulb. If you’re feeling like a superhero, just place it close to natural sunlight or near any household light and let them do their thing!

Use LED Lights to Charge a Solar Light

If you need to charge your solar lights but don’t have access to a power outlet, try using LED flashlights. You can plug the flashlight into an extension cord or use batteries and hook it up with some wire so that the light shines on your solar panel for about 10-12 hours while charging.


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