Best Shelf Risers for Kitchen Organization 2023



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There’s something truly eye-opening about rearranging a shelf. Suddenly, things that looked like they could only sit in one particular order — an order that may have seemed dictated by your cabinets — are open to a world of possibilities. Maybe the bowls don’t have to go in that corner. And, what if the plates were vertical? These aren’t life-changing realizations, but they reinforce an important point: You are in control of your home, and if you’re not thrilled with, say, the way a cabinet is organized, you can improve it!

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One of our favorite ways to break out of a kitchen organization rut is with shelf risers. They’re simple (and often inexpensive) additions that can make big differences very quickly. Plus, they’re movable, so they let you adapt your setup over time as your needs change. Here are the shelf risers our editors have fallen in love with over the years (plus one or two more we just don’t want you to miss). It’s always a good time to get your kitchen shelves in order!


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