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Productivity is the top priority of every project manager in any business. It’s connected to the words ‘efficiency’ and ‘effectiveness.’ As a project manager, you’re expected to produce the desired results by working in the best way possible without wasting time or energy. It’s not an easy task, and it requires an incredible amount of knowledge and experience to develop leadership skills, be an excellent communicator, and ensure stellar goal-setting and execution.

While the task might seem overwhelming at first, there’s a boom in philosophies and software that are good at providing plenty of tools that support project management. The tools offer productivity hacks that get more work done by utilizing time better. Combining proficient managerial skills and software tools is what makes a project successful. Here are some project management hacks that can help you improve project productivity.

Maintain Regular Communication

Effective communication is an essential tool in project management. It’s a crucial element in any project since miscommunication can be very costly and lead to a loss of productivity. Your team and clients need to understand what is happening and why things are moving in a particular direction. You need to explain deep-rooted technical information to clients while making your team understand why you need to know the things you are asking of them.

Utilize Your Team’s Strength

As a project manager, you need to be aware of the capabilities of each team member and assign roles accordingly. Knowing your team’s strengths and issuing the ideal role leads to a higher level of productivity. Allowing team members to take responsibility for their work makes them accountable for it, thus building confidence and increasing productivity. You should avoid reassigning tasks among team members, as switching projects cuts productivity by 40%.

Delegate Work Effectively

The best way to empower and enhance team productivity is by clarifying your priorities and expectations right from the start. When you delegate tasks, describe precisely what you expect a team member to focus on. Have realistic estimates of the time a team member needs to devote to their duties. Let your employees work in their way, but ensure to make them understand the quality expected at the end of the project.

Conduct Fewer And Shorter Meetings

While communication is the key, nothing kills productivity more than needless meetings. Although you would want your team to have regular discussions of their work, it doesn’t mean you have to schedule a meeting for each matter. Try to have fewer and shorter meetings while utilizing online collaboration tools for online conferencing.

Promote Short Breaks

Let your team members take short breaks to promote a healthy mind which always brings productivity. Focus on boosting your team’s energy instead of pressurizing them with deadlines and deliverables. Allowing them short breaks of about 10 to 15 minutes will help rejuvenate their thoughts and enhance concentration on their jobs.

Remove Distractions

While technology is great with innovative tools we use for communication, they can be very distracting. Turning off notifications is a great move for better time management. You can leave out those related to timelines and tasks while eliminating the constant ping on your computer and phone. You will get pulled out of your work whenever a new social post, email, or phone call comes in.

Use Technology

We live in a modern world with many great tools designed to boost productivity. You can now use software to create task lists that will help you to organize and methodically address your work. You will have one place to view what needs to be done and when it’s due. The software allows you to filter tasks and customize them to any data column you wish, such as when it’s due.

Automate Project Management Tools

It would be best to become an expert in tools like email, Slack, Google Calendar, and more. These automation opportunities help you and your team to sync information over platforms. The tools save you time in the long run, and you can repeatedly check and update information anytime. You will be able to fine-tune settings and integrations to use the tools you need.

Learn From Past Projects

While each project might have similar patterns to past projects, it’s essential to treat new projects as learning opportunities. Take these opportunities to further your skills by better understanding new topics and challenges. Experiences from past projects help you change your communication style and how you use and pull data from a project. This tactic could mean the difference between simply attaining the goals of a project and exceeding them.

Maintain A Good Working Environment

The infrastructure and work environment of a workspace plays a critical role in your team’s overall productivity. A good work environment positively affects your team members’ feelings towards their work and efficiency. You could introduce team-building exercises and see how effective they are. When team members are on good terms with each other, it boosts their productivity. 

Always Know The Numbers

You need to constantly pull data on a project, as this will help you to understand where the project stands and the issues that might appear soon. Pulling data early enough educates you and makes you understand the consequences of project-level decisions. Understanding the numbers while the project is ongoing gives you a better picture of the entire project. You will have a real-time opportunity to point out adjustments and reconsiderations to your client or team early enough.

Maintain Periodic Reports

Keep track of your projects by maintaining weekly or fortnight reports. Some projects fail simply because managers need to track their KPIs, ROI, and status effectively. Communication with the team should go together with the reports to get their views on the project’s status. Getting opinions helps project managers look at individual team member progress and the project’s overall progress.


Understanding and applying these hacks boost the efficiency and performance of a team. This way, you’ll have successful projects and effective team management. Project management software is the key to reducing the manual pressure of carrying out tasks. Utilize the best project management tools to make your work easier and increase your productivity.

Kevin Portman

Kevin Portman is a project management specialist. He has been in the industry for more than seven years, and he loves to share his knowledge through his writing. When he’s not busy working or writing, he loves to take long walks with his two dogs, Nabi and Hunter.


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