This Easy-To-Clean Dish Rack Can Hold So Many Plates, Yet It’s So Compact



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We saw, tested, and covered a lot of dish racks this year at AT. It seems like this is one product category that’s constantly evolving, with different brands churning out double-decker dish holders, racks with some unusual (but effective!) designs, and super slim plate caddies that can still hold a lot. Whether you have limited counter space or a big family that creates heaping sinkfuls of dishes after dinner, there’s something out there suited to your exact needs. One brand that always seems to know what we’re looking for is Umbra. Home to some of our favorite storage finds and space-saving home gadgets, they, too, have perfected the art of the perfect dish rack.

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Today, we want to bring attention to their holster dish rack. Although it sports quite a normal size, this product can hold a ton, plus it’s got some other key features that’ll make you wish you had one next to your kitchen sink.

As far as actual plates go, this rack can hold 15. If you live in a smaller household, that’s more than enough storage for post-meal cleanups. But even homeowners with lots of kids or roommates can rest assured that they won’t have to towel-dry their first round of dirty platters in order to make room for the second load. Additionally, the rack has a circular caddy for utensils, as well as a floating side shelf for up to four stemmed glasses. Now you no longer have to worry about your wine glasses and champagne flutes falling over or bumping into other dishes! Finally, a long, oval-shaped caddy lies level with rack and serves as a good spot for peelers, larger utensils, and other tools. You could also place it underneath the glass holder to catch water droplets.

Although you might initially look at this dish rack and think it appears kind of large, Umbra customers swear it’s the perfect size, even for tiny kitchens. “I live in a fairly small home, and making the most of my counter space has always been an issue for me,” one reviewer writes. “This dish rack has totally changed the way my kitchen works for the better. It takes up minimal space on my counter but does so much in such a small space.”

Shoppers also love the rack’s long drainage spout, which, like all the other parts, can be placed on whichever side is most convenient. Basically, you can assemble all the pieces to custom-create a tray most conducive to your kitchen. These features, coupled with the holster rack’s sturdy, stainless-steel frame and easy-to-clean plastic surface, make this the dishwashing must-have of every homeowner’s dreams.


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