The “Open Book Bar” Adds a Fun Literary Twist To Any Wedding



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Planning a truly unique, memorable wedding is no easy feat, but one local bookstore has inspired literary lovers everywhere with an unexpected idea. After first going viral in 2021, a tweet from Vancouver bookstore The Paper Hound Bookshop resurfaced again thanks to book lover Janna MacLean, who called out the original tweet for being a “great idea” that plenty of soon-to-be married couples will love.

“Yesterday, two of our customers got hitched at the restaurant next door,” wrote the bookshop. “Between ceremony and reception guests were invited to choose a book from our shop. We kept a running tab. An open book bar! I present this to you in case you thought the world had run out of good ideas.”

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The tweet understandably went viral, with bookworms everywhere feeling inspired by the innovative idea of having an open book bar at their wedding, or even at kids’ birthday parties and future funerals. (Yes, really.)

Of course, you could certainly recreate this idea even if your big event isn’t situated in close proximity to a bookstore by going to a local book sale and picking out a bunch of offerings for your party guests to peruse. You could also offer books as a wedding favor, adding a personal note to guests on an accompanying card.

In reply to MacLean’s tweet, one person shared, “We gave people books that had some meaning to us and we also used them as the centerpieces! Guests took them home after.”
Naturally, the creative idea has gotten plenty of love on social media. As one user put it: “As someone who buys books much more often than alcoholic beverages, I would happily attend this kind of an event.” Another added: “That’s the best wedding favor I’ve ever heard of. I would be ecstatic if I was a guest. What a great idea.”


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