The Easy, Affordable Upgrade That Instantly Creates Extra Storage in My Fridge 



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Calling all can fans: Whether it’s beer, soda, seltzer, or cans of pretty much anything else, you know better than most that while those 12-ouncers might seem like a compact product, they’re really kind of a pain to store in your fridge, especially if you like to keep a lot of them on hand. Now, you could sacrifice one of your fridge’s produce bins — if you have a fridge that has those — but then you’re left with a reduced amount of space for fruits and veggies, which isn’t ideal. More often than not, in my house, what happens is the cans get dispersed all over the place, knocked over, and hidden behind whatever else is in my fridge. Then, when I want to snag one, I have to take out half the stuff on my shelf to reach the one that’s tucked way back in the corner (there always seems to only be one can left), then put it all back. Luckily, I finally found an easy, affordable way to store cans in my fridge that both saves a little space and keeps all of my cans in one place: the iDESIGN Linus Fridge Bins. 

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You’ve probably seen these in large, double-door refrigerators (the ones at my folks’ house came with the fridge), and adding one or two to the one in your home is an easy way to level up both the look and storage capacity of your fridge, freezer, pantry, or wherever you decide to keep it. They’re also translucent, which makes it easy to see how many cans are left. However, you don’t have to just use these for cans — you can store pretty much anything you want in these bins, which makes them super versatile for using in any room of the house. Plus, since they’re made from clear plastic, they won’t mess with any existing aesthetics.

Personally, I love these fridge bins because prior to snagging them, I had two choices: Sacrifice a produce drawer to seltzer, or have literally an entire shelf of my fridge dedicated to canned drinks, which in a tiny NYC apartment refrigerator is pretty much a no-go. See, I have both a crippling Spindrift habit and my girlfriend and I drink a ton of beer very normal and medically advisable amount of beer (hi, Mom!) so I usually opted to pack a produce bin full of seltzer and cram the rest of my cans into the door of my fridge. That meant they rattled around every time I opened and closed the fridge, resulting in a face full of foamy suds whenever I cracked a can. These days, they’re all sequestered in my neat little fridge bins, which a) looks way cleaner, b) helps me know how many I have left, and c) means I don’t have to rifle around my shelves or endure the plastic-on-plastic screeeech of pulling out a way-too-heavy produce drawer full of Spindrift. 

So, if you can’t make it through the day without knocking back half a case of La Croix (same), do yourself a favor and snag these fridge bins from The Container Store ASAP. You’ll instantly create more storage space in your fridge, which you can fill with nutritious veggies, lean proteins, or — of course — more seltzer. Cheers! 


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