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I have always had an overstuffed closet. It’s been a problem since I went away to college and realized with horror that I couldn’t fit half of my wardrobe in the pathetic little “closet” space they gave me. We had to cover it with makeshift curtains to hide the clutter. More than a decade later, I still had the same issue but with a bigger closet.

My boyfriend and I share a one-bedroom in Brooklyn that is short on space, but especially storage space. Although I have considerably downsized my wardrobe over the years, my piles of workout clothes, sweaters, and bedding would violently tumble down whenever I tried to grab something from my closet shelf. There’s a lot of space above the shelf in my closet, so much so that I could pile 10-15 sweaters on top of each other and still have a few inches before they hit the ceiling. Sweaters, shirts, and dresses do not love to be stacked that high, though.

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After reading Best List Editor Britt’s review of Sorbus’ Foldable Storage Bags, I knew that this would put a stop to my avalanches for good. I bought two of them — one was intended for workout clothes and the second was for pants, jeans, and shorts.

What I love so much about these bins is that they have the zippable window. When it’s time to put away clean laundry, I can easily put my folded stacks of clothes into the bag and then zip it up. I can fit roughly 40-50 pieces of workout clothing in there, ranging from leggings to tops. If I wanted to, I could also load clothes in through the top, where there is also an opening.

The bins also hold that structured shape thanks to two metal wire supports on each side. They slide into place in the sides of the organizer and hold the shape together — no matter how much you shove in there (and I do tend to push my organizers to the limit).

Because I move apartments so often (but hopefully not anytime soon), I make sure all of the organizers I buy are collapsible or can be folded down. I am never sure what kind of storage the next apartment will have. If I get blessed with a massive closet on my next move, but go back to a shoebox next, I want to make sure I have my organizers handy. It’s a waste of money to throw them out. The Sorbus bags are of the collapsible variety — you can take down these bins by pushing the two metal supports on the side to the center. When folded flat, they can easily slide underneath a bed. I do not have the version that came with the middle divider, but I feel like my clothes would be even more organized if it did have the dividers.

If Britt and I didn’t convince you, maybe the sale price will. You get two bins with dividers for only $26, so you can save more than $6 on these bins right now. When I bought them, they weren’t on sale, and I still think they’re a great deal. Take advantage of it before it disappears!


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