Why Solar Energy is the Way to Solve the Energy Crisis


The world is developing at a fast pace, so fast, our energy-producing sources are failing to keep up. This is leading to a severe energy crisis in the globe while also depleting the sources for producing this power. 

Solar Power is rising as a solution to this energy crisis. We talked with experts in Solar Energy to explain how solar energy can solve the energy crisis.

It Uses Renewable Energy Resources

“What is solar energy? It is a type of energy that we get from the sun which can be harnessed for human use. The solar panels are mounted on the roof which then harnesses the solar energy and converts it into electricity. We wonder how it can contribute to solving the energy crisis. Right?

“So let me help you with this. It captures renewable energy sources which don’t produce greenhouse gases. It is also manufactured from abundant silicon. It is suitable for various environments because it is flexible and scalable. It has a long lifetime and the best part is it does not require much maintenance. Also, it will reduce your electricity bills. So we can say that it is the best way to solve the energy crisis.”

Adam Rowles, Reduce Power Bills

Home and Businesses Can Run Entirely on Sun’s Energy

“Energy from the sun is abundant and limitless. By harnessing this clean, renewable source of energy, we will decrease our reliance on fossil fuels and reduce our impact on climate change. The combination of solar panels, coupled with battery backup, create a resilient microgrid that allows homes and businesses to run entirely on the sun’s energy. Microgrids are the ultimate solution to solving the energy crisis, and we are seeing an increased adoption of these systems among home and business owners alike.”

Scott Laskey, President Sandbar Solar & Electric

There is Enough Solar Irradiation Hitting Earth To Power The Entire Planet

“Solar is a carbon-free way to produce energy. More important, there is enough solar irradiation hitting our earth to power our entire planet. To ensure we have renewable energy during the nighttime when the sun is not out, we can partner solar with battery energy storage systems. This will allow solar to be stored in the battery for when it’s needed, such as nighttime. This allows 24/7 availability of solar energy thus reducing carbon emissions and ultimately solving the energy crisis.”

Mushfiq Sarker, Ph.D. in Renewable Energy Founder The Energy Fix

Solar Energy Is Affordable

“It was recently released by the IEA (international energy agency) that solar power is the cheapest form of electricity in the world, and in all of history. We’ve never had access to energy that’s so affordable. The reason why is because solar power is renewable. This means you can keep generating it without it running out. 

“Unlike fossil fuels, the sun will keep shining every single day for another 4.5 billion years. With this being said, there is enough of the sun to go around for everyone in the world. It’s endless and this way it would remove the fear of our energy running out and make energy more affordable, thus solving the energy crisis we are facing today.”

Luke Cove, Managing Director Solar Design Engineer Solar Installers Melbourne

Solar Power is Non-Depletable

“Solar power is non depletable, low cost (aka available to everyone), clean, and we have the resources to be able to convert the resource into a power source right now, with advances happening all the time that will only enable us to harness the power of the sun even better. These 5 elements that would spell success are readily available with solar power and is the energy source that we should be doubling down on and seeking ways to make it a socially acceptable concept through governmental funding and embracing.”

Elizabeth Bergmann, Community Manager Spheral Solar

Solar Energy is Renewable and Can be Paired with Energy Storage

“Solar energy is the solution to record-breaking temperatures, energy waste, and an unreliable grid. There are two critical reasons why I believe solar energy is the answer to our energy crisis: 1. Solar energy is a renewable clean energy source and 2. Solar energy can be paired with energy storage to be used when needed. 

“From California to Texas, U.S. residents are starting to realize that reliable energy is hard to come by when they depend on their local utility for electricity. As a business owner in the Renewables and Environment industry, I have personally seen how green technology can save businesses a substantial amount of money and decrease their energy usage. 

Solar Energy Is A Renewable Energy Source; It Is The Most Abundant Renewable Energy Resource In The World

“When more people use renewable energy instead of fossil fuels there will be less depletion of the world’s natural resources. Solar energy doesn’t produce byproducts that can be harmful to the environment and add to our planet’s environmental issues, like global warming or acid rain. 

Solar Energy Can Be Paired With Energy Storage For Security Against Unreliable Power

“When the electricity grid fails to keep up with energy demand, solar energy can fill in the void. People who use solar energy don’t have to depend on their unreliable utility provider and can instead depend on a reliable solar-plus-energy storage system. With a solar-plus-storage system, individuals can store their generated solar energy for later use, like in the event of a power outage, or to slash their energy bill, like during peak  demand periods.Solar energy is the ultimate solution to our energy crisis and the more individuals and businesses that adopt the technology around the world, the better we leave our wallets and environment.”

Vanessa Peng is the Marketing Coordinator at U.S. Energy Recovery


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