Small Urban Apartment by Maya Baklan



This contemporary décor project of a small urban apartment by Ukrainian designer Maya Baklan is a stunning example of how to blend youthful energy with artistic flair in order to create a stylish and unique interior design. The use of bold colors, geometric shapes, and a mix of vintage and modern pieces create a space that is both playful and sophisticated.

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One of the standout features of the apartment is the use of a deep blue, forest green, threats of red and brown, and shining black details as accents for the modern décor pieces of the décor composition. This combination of characteristic color and stand-out design pieces and shapes becomes the interior design equivalent of a collection of colorful and eclectic artwork. In the cozy, artistic living room the emerald green of the furniture central pieces is softened by the main focal accent- the creamy carpet piece with its contemporary artwork appearance. The sofa is paired with mid-century modern armchairs and a coffee table, which add a touch of elegance to the space.

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The bedroom is another highlight of the apartment, with its use of luxurious marble claddings in different colors and trendy brass fixtures, all of that splendor executed in bold geometric shapes. Vintage circular mirror and heavy deep colored upholsteries and curtains add to the luxurious and artistic character of the décor composition.

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The kitchen is another great example of how to blend vintage and modern pieces. The kitchen features a bold focal center of a characteristic dining table and minimalistic, tide-in cabinetry and cooking space. Intriguing design creation this atypical kitchen outlook includes an ingeniously hidden sink and a system of pocket-doors for the cabinetry. The use of a terrazzo top for the vintage-modern table composition is a focal point with a futuristic (from the 70ts SF movies) presence for the clean and minimalistic composition of the kitchen zone.

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Overall, this apartment is a great example of how to use bold colors, geometric shapes, and a mix of vintage and modern pieces to create a stylish and unique interior design.


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