Limewashing Will Be One of 2023’s Biggest Trends, According to JoJo Fletcher



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Yelp worked alongside its team of Data Scientists, Community Managers, and reality-TV personality and real estate developer JoJo Fletcher to discover what trends will be gracing our homes in 2023. Analyzing millions of Yelp reviews for words, phrases, and businesses across home improvement categories that saw significant interest between 2021 and 2022, the results found that it’s going to be a year of lived-in looks and embracing every season.

Below, a selection of the trends that may make it big in 2023.

According to Yelp data, searches for limewashing is up by a whopping 79 percent year-on-year.

“One of my favorite painting techniques to create a more “lived-in” space is limewashing,” says Fletcher. “These simple painting and texture techniques add a wonderful ambiance to a room, transforming it into the most inviting space,”

Whether it’s framed family photographs or your favorite pieces of artwork, gallery walls will be extremely popular this year.  Searches for custom framing have increased by 17 percent on Yelp.

Decorating For the Season

Going all-out with themed decor isn’t just for the holidays. In 2023, it’s time to embrace the changing seasons and decorate your home with seasonal pieces that will bring some character into your space. Think harvest-themed artwork and spring-ready florals.

Setting the tone with mood lighting will continue to popular, bringing in ambient hues to our spaces. Searches for lighting is up by 32 percent over the last year.

“Lighting is an integral primary step in the architectural phase to create a home that feels inviting,” comments Fletcher. “No longer an afterthought, lighting should be seen as more than just functional—something that truly transforms the overall feel of a space.”


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