The energy produced by converting the solar energy is Solar energy, it is usually created by a phenomena known as nuclear fusion which is generated by a chain reaction of atoms colliding with the sun’s core.

Now comes the solar energy which is produced by the solar panels installed in sunlight. Which is used to generate electricity and it is also a long durable method of power generation. 

Solar energy is generated when the solar panels are struck by the sunlight, as we all know energy is never created nor destroyed, it just transforms from one form to another similarly the sunlight is converted into electricity by photovoltaic transformation

The Process Of Energy Conversion

Solar rays are directly converted into electric power by photovoltaic cells or solar panels. The process is as follows,

The activation of the panels

Solar energy activates the panels, panels are mostly made up of silicon cells, a metal frame, a glass casing surrounded by a special film, and wiring. The cells absorb all the sunlight during the daytime and they are activated in the daylight due to the sun.

Production Of Electric Current

There are certain layers present in the silicon layer which are activated by the sunlight, when they hit the cell it causes a lot of electrons to set loose, those loose electrons are set in motion by the electric field surrounding it and thus causing a n electric current to produce.

Converting DC Into AC

The current produced by the solar panels is direct current which cannot be used by the home appliances so there’s this one simple machine directly connected to the panels which are called an inverter, this converts the DC into AC, direct current into alternating current that can be used by the home later. 

Power To The Home

Once the power is converted from DC to AC it can be used inside the house just like you use the power from your grid station. And also your house will still be connected to your grid station to cover any lack of electricity.

Net Metering

Some days when no one is at home, no energy is used and it is stored in the meter. And on a rainy day your storage might be negative and you have to use the energy from the meter which is also acceptable. To manage all these calculations there is a meter placed with the system and it is called net metering. 

Now, this is how solar energy is produced through solar panels, and the photovoltaic cells capture the vast energy from the sun and convert it into usable energy inside the home.


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