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Light, elegant beauty with delicate and artful features, this décor creation by Yevheniia Dubrovska is located in central Kiev, Ukraine. The charming apartment, designed for an art collector, showcases a blend of custom made, modern elements, artistically undulated shapes and vintage touches. The eclectic entwinement of contemporary design with a touch of elegance creates a living space that is both functional and visually striking. The color palette is neutral and subdued, with shades of gray and white creating a serene and sophisticated atmosphere. Beautiful art pieces by contemporary Ukrainian artist give focal point to each room.

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A standout feature of the apartment is the custom-designed shelving system. The shelves, made of wood, are undulated (flowing the shapes of ceiling decorations and entrance arches) creating a floating effect that adds to the modern aesthetic of the space. The designer has also included unique lighting fixtures, such as the sculptural pendant light in the living room and the trendy brass wall accents, which adds a touch of elegance and glamor of the space. Trendy terrazzo counter tops; retro, exposed brick walls; classic, decorative elements and gorgeous herringbone parquet make the home warm, sophisticated and with a touch of artistic individuality.

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One of the key interior décor trends used in this design is the entwinement of organic materials palette, contemporary art and shapes, and warm vintage touches. The design construct is with an emphasis on natural light and individualized space flow, which serve to highlight the space and its features. The designer has also employed an eclectic combination of styles, such as contemporary and urban, Scandinavian and vintage, to create a unique and visually striking living space. Overall, the architect skillfully included a range of artistic touches, turning this flat into not just a usable living place but also a genuine work of art.

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Architect – Yevheniia Dubrovska; Location – Kyiv; Ukraine; Area – 200 sq m; Photo credits – Yevhenii Avramenko;

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