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I find it annoying when an organizer basically requires me to readjust my entire space for it to do its job. I accept that this is sometimes unavoidable, like when you’re shopping for a dresser, a new shelving unit, or any sizable storage systems. But in an ideal world, all home organizers should conform to your space, not the other way around.

Thankfully, there are plenty of brands out there that seem to share this philosophy, making it easy for you (and me) to find organization gadgets that work with the spaces we give them. I’ve been in the market for something to help me declutter my bedroom closet, and I came across a little device that is so clever yet so simple I was surprised I didn’t already own it. These small plastic triangles attach to your hangers to create extra spots that you can hang even more clothes on. You can double, triple, or even quadruple up your clothes to take up significantly less horizontal space — and finally reclaim your closet.

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For $15, you won’t find another closet organizing tool that is this transformative and easy to use. Each triangle slides over the top of any hanger — plastic, metal, and wood are all fine — and rests on the front to display another hook. You can then hang another article of clothing on that hook and repeat the process with more Space Triangles and hangers until your clothes reach the floor. Average-sized closets will probably max out at daisy chaining three hangers together, but you’re welcome to go as low as you please.

The main issue currently plaguing my closet is a lack of hanging space — or an overabundance of clothes, if you choose to look at it that way (I don’t). This nifty addition would let me store all my shirts more compactly without wrinkling them and even free up space for more clothes — OK, maybe I do have a shopping problem. I love that they work with my existing hangers and could be used in my entryway closet, too. And because each individual Space Triangle ends up costing less than $1 apiece, this is one purchase that justifies itself.

According to many happy Amazon shoppers, these hooks really deliver on their promise to tidy up your closet. Numerous reviewers wrote that they have bought multiple packs, are planning to buy more, or wish they had bought more already because they find them to be so useful.

“I am currently on a whole bedroom de-clutter kick at the moment,” One reviewer wrote. “My closet needed some much needed TLC. And boy did these little triangle hanger hooks make a huge impact. I couldn’t be happier with my closet now. I will be ordering a few more packs for my sister and mom’s closets.”

Just to note that some shoppers advised against hanging heavy clothes such as jeans on the hooks because they can put too much stress on your hangers.

Get ready for spring cleaning early by picking up a package of these game-changing closet organizers. When you’re ready to put your winter clothes away and take out your warm-weather gear, you may find you don’t have to keep quite as many pieces in storage this year. What a treat!


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