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When it comes to corners in your home, you can deal with them in one of two ways: Put them to use or cover them up. If every corner can contribute to your space, whether as a storage spot, a display area for plants or decor, or a cozy place to add lighting, that’s great! However, that’s not always possible. Maybe you just don’t have the right furniture pieces to fit there, or maybe your partner bought a bike that folds in half, and although they’ve used it once in four years, they won’t sell it. So it occupies a corner of your living room under a blanket, because covering it up makes it look better, right?

The best way to avoid having unused or underutilized corners is to set them up with storage or shelving units that work for your space. This versatile Amazon find fits in any sized living room, bedroom, or home office, and it’s an especially smart solution for small spaces. Plus, it looks way more chic than its $70-price point would let on.

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This corner table has three tiers that meet all kinds of storage needs: two open tabletops on the top and bottom and one small nook with a metal wire gate to keep it covered. Depending on where you place the table, it can act as a nightstand in the bedroom, an end table in the living room, or a place to hold odds and ends so they’re out of the way but still organized. One Amazon shopper confirmed the metal frame is sturdy and that the whole thing is easy to assemble. “I was in desperate need of a corner shelf for my guest bathroom,” they wrote. “I was able to [build] it all by myself within 30 minutes.”

You can choose different finishes to achieve a simple wooden look, a rustic farmhouse vibe, or even modern glam with faux white marble tiling. Some options also include minor design changes, such as replacing the single flap door on the middle shelf with two larger double doors, but the table is functionally consistent across almost every style. The only one that’s significantly different is the Modern Brown color, which replaces the covered middle shelf with an open shelf and would be a great fit in bathrooms and laundry rooms.

If you’re looking for something that offers a wide variety of storage choices, the original layout with the covered middle shelf is an ideal pick. The bottom shelf stores books, plants, decor, and anything you don’t use on a regular basis, while the top shelf can be a place to rest beverages, hold lamps, and display framed photos. The middle shelf is your go-to spot for safely keeping things that have a way of getting lost around the home; that means: memento boxes, extra drink coasters, remote controls that don’t get used every day, and anything else that could easily get knocked off a table.

For the same $70 price, you can opt for a model with large double doors covering two levels of shelves. This is a nice choice for showing off knick knacks and an even better choice for turning your corner into a minibar. The two lower shelves are tall enough to hold wine, beer, and short cocktail glasses, while the open top shelf is where your liquor bottles sit proudly on display. Grab one of these multifunctional tables and help your corners work harder for you. You’d be surprised how much they can do!


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