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Go Blue Sun is a business, finance, and real estate blog that caters to people who constantly look for advice about a wide range of topics concerning their everyday lives. Ever since, it’s been our mission to interpret somewhat complicated economic aspects in a simpler yet still insightful way for our readers. And if you, a freelance journalist, think you can add more value to our burgeoning website, we just might have something in store.

Our site welcomes part-time writers and guest post opportunities that mainly focus on the facets of home maintenance and improvement, with ways of presenting them in a straightforward manner. If this interests you, please feel free to send us an email of your past articles, your personal profile, and a topic pitch at publisher@gobluesun.com.

We have a highly competent and knowledgeable editorial team that’ll check if your work passes the standards of our company. Upon getting the approval of our editor-in-chief, we’ll publish your article on Go Blue Sun and share it across our social media platforms.

Furthermore, we very much urge you to use resources from our website as internal links, as well as other outbound links from trusted websites. With these, not only does your article looks more professional, but you’ll also effectively earn the trust of our readers. Be sure to review our editorial guidelines to learn more.

Expect These Kinds of Articles on Go Blue Sun

Considering we’re a business and finance website, the types of articles on our blog range from:

  • How-to Guides — or articles that suggest no-nonsense solutions with regard to solving specific problems.
  • In-depth Articles — or lengthy technical pieces that increase our readers’ understanding of certain issues.
  • Opinion Pieces — or written works that reflect the personal views of their writer.
  • Product Reviews — or guides that put a spotlight on breakthroughs, innovations, and the like in the industry.

Write for Us: Topics We Cover

As previously stated, Go Blue Sun aims to simplify the rather complex terms in the industry so we can attract more readers. And just to give you a glimpse of the topics we cover, have a look at the list below:

  • Investments — this teaches readers about the intricacies of allocating funds in the expectation of some benefit in the future.
  • Real Estate — this informs the general public about the basic concepts of capitalizing on the process of acquiring property, land, and all the rest, home improvement
  • Businesses – small businesses, large businesses, entrepreneurship, marketing
  • Finance – all financial topics

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Procedure for Submitting my Content?

By now it’s probably safe to say that we’ve piqued your interest. The next step would be to reach out to us via email at publisher@gobluesun.com along with the subject “GBS PT Writer-(your complete name).”

Also, have these ready:

  • A 50- to 60-character article title
  • A 1000-word content
  • A set of optimized images and/or videos
  • A short author bio with your latest picture
  • A list of internal and outbound links

Can Our Company Guest Post on Your Business and Finance Blog?

Of course, we, at Go Blue Sun, would be more than glad to collaborate with you and your company. Kindly send us an email at the same address, this time with the subject “GBS GP-(your company name).”

What’s Your Publishing Process?

After we receive your original article, our team will put on their editorial hats and assess if your work meets our standards. We always make it a point to be as transparent as we can, so expect a message from us once your content goes online.

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