Ubiquiti NVR Review: A Guide to Ubiquiti NVR Systems

December 6, 2017
December 6, 2017 gobluesu_user1

Ubiquiti NVR Review: A Guide to Ubiquiti NVR Systems

The Ubiquiti Networks’ Unifi NVR has the capacity to manage and record from as much as 50 cameras, according to an Ubiquiti NVR Review. The NVR has plug-and-play capabilities with a setup wizard that automatically senses cameras for speedy setup. It comes with 4GB of RAM, a pre-installed 500GB HDD that allows you store recorded videos, as well as an Intel D2550 Processor.

The software has an advanced User Interface with functions like event recordings, custom motion detection zones, live view monitoring, email alerts, analytics, and disk management. Access to the UI is through a web browser on an Android or iOS device or on a Windows PC. It also has in-depth statistical reporting, versatile camera settings, multiple views, customizable event recordings, and advanced analytics.

Extra playlists for live views can be created through a configurable live camera feed cycle. The software lets you define the cameras to be used in the playlist and how much time you want them to be on the screen before going on to subsequent live feeds. The NVR has automatic recording management so as to free up some disk space. Date-based auto purge and user-definable disk space let you automatically delete recordings after a set number of days or earmark a certain amount of free disk space.


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