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Two new offshore wind ports proposed by AE1 for New York Harbor


Attentive Energy One (AE1), a joint venture of TotalEnergies and Rise Light & Power, today announced plans for two offshore wind port facilities in New York Harbor generating $400 million in economic activity in the state. In connection with the 1,400-MW proposal, which AE1 submitted to NYSERDA in January 2023, the project has entered into a lease agreement with Arthur Kill Terminal (AKT) – conditional upon selection by NYSERDA – under which it will serve as a long-term master tenant of the site and assist in project development. Additionally, AE1 will develop an O&M facility at the Ravenswood Generating Station in Queens. Ravenswood, owned by Rise, is New York City’s largest fossil generating facility; the O&M Hub will repurpose the site’s existing waterfront to provide a just transition for the facility’s UWUA Local 1-2 workforce, equipping them to operate the AE1 project for decades to come.

On Staten Island, AKT will be a wind turbine marshalling facility, sited on the Arthur Kill waterway, seaward of the Outerbridge Crossing and outside of all height restrictions. AKT’s unique location makes it the only marshalling site in New York State and one of only a limited number of locations on the East Coast capable of accommodating offshore wind construction activities without any vessel height restrictions. Offshore wind turbine components require significant vertical clearance during staging and construction.

AKT will create 435 jobs, building upon the borough’s long-standing role in the maritime industry. Economic opportunities through AKT include hundreds of construction jobs created to build the facility, along with sustained revenue generation and employment for neighboring communities during decades of offshore wind marshalling operations. Furthermore, Attentive Energy’s proposal to NYSERDA includes $1 million in funding for the College of Staten Island – part of the City University of New York (CUNY) network – to bolster its offering of offshore wind and renewable energy training through its Continuing Education department, including Global Wind Organization (GWO) certificate programs.

In Queens, Attentive Energy will establish its permanent O&M Hub at the Ravenswood Generating Station, establishing control rooms, training facilities, and warehousing for the AE1 project, as well as upgrading nearly 1,000 ft of existing quayside to allow for docking, vessel operations, and crew transfer activities for offshore wind operations. Construction of the O&M Hub will provide a just transition to new, high-quality jobs that will remain onsite for decades to come and will allow members of the UWUA Local 1-2, who have proudly staffed Ravenswood Generating Station for 60 years, to continue powering New York.

“Attentive Energy One’s ports proposal helps solve future constraints for marshalling and O&M activity in New York City. With deep water access via the Arthur Kill, and no height restrictions, AKT will be the only offshore wind port in New York capable of accommodating future U.S. wind turbine installation vessels and to most efficiently perform transport of fully assembled turbine components. Similarly, the Ravenswood O&M Hub in New York City will generate jobs in connection with our project for decades to come,” said Damian Bednarz, Managing Director, Attentive Energy.

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