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Spotlight on… Ceres


Ceres is a developer of clean energy technology, which includes fuel cells for power generation and electrolysers for green hydrogen. Spun out of Imperial College in the early 2000s, over 20 years of innovation and R&D has seen it become a leader in the electrochemical technology sector – the UK’s largest listed fuel cell business, with over 500 team members, three sites across the UK and strategic partnerships internationally with some of the world’s biggest companies, amongst them Bosch, Doosan, Shell and Weichai.

Ceres’ growth strategy is driven by licensing its solid oxide technology to global partners who use it to deliver systems and products at the scale and pace needed to decarbonise power generation, transportation, industry, and everyday living. The company aims to build an ecosystem where manufacturing partners will supply stacks to system partners. This licensing business model differentiates Ceres from a pure play company and allows it to focus on its expertise in electrochemical science and engineering, with license partners providing the manufacturing skills and marketing capabilities.

Meeting the need

Across our energy systems, there is a need to reinforce power grids that are coming under increasing demand from electrification. Stationary fuel cell systems, such as those developed by Miura, Doosan and Bosch using Ceres’ technology, provide highly efficient, scalable, fuel-flexible and environmentally friendly power generation systems for use in many applications.

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