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NV Energy explains hike in energy costs


RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – NV Energy is providing an explanation for the spike in energy costs.

In an email sent out to customers on Monday, the energy company said the higher prices could be attributed to natural gas prices, which they say have increased nearly one-and a half times in the past 12 months.

They say those price increases have affected energy bills nationwide, not just those in the Silver State, and that the price increases affected everyone, even those who have decreased their energy usage.

NV Energy also says the reason for the increase in prices of natural gas includes lower supply across the western U.S. and higher demand due to below-average temperatures.

The company says it does not mark up the price it pays on natural gas or energy purchases. They also say they expect rates may continue to increase in 2023 due to higher natural gas prices and energy costs in general.

They did say, however, there is some indication that gas prices may be decreasing, which will bring the total cost of your bill down.

NV Energy ended their email by reminding customers they do make energy assistance and payment options available for those struggling with their bill. The link to that assistance can be found here.

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