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RITTER LAUNCHES STATEWIDE ENERGY TOUR THIS SATURDAY: Will visit Blue Sun pump at Gray Oil (TJ's Express) in Fort Lupton.

Event Date:
June 17, 2006

Event Time:


Gray Oil (TJ's Express) , 804 Denver Ave., Fort Lupton


Gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter will launch a statewide Energy Tour this Saturday, visiting three pioneers in the field of alternative energy and promoting his New Energy Economy plan, which was originally released in April.

The tour will highlight the groundbreaking work being done around the state by private companies, public enterprises, utilities and individuals to end our reliance on foreign oil.

"We all know from the astronomical price of gas for our cars and energy for our homes that we are at a tipping point," said Ritter, who served as Denver's District Attorney from 1993 to 2005. "My plan for a New Energy Economy will make Colorado a national leader in the field of alternative energy. We will create new jobs, protect our environment and establish a secure and sustainable energy future for our children and our grandchildren."

Ritter said his Energy Tour will highlight many of the alternative-energy accomplishments and success stories that already exist around Colorado. Driving in the campaign's new ethanol-fueled Chevy Tahoe on Saturday, Ritter will visit:

10 a.m. – Clean Energy, 24000 E. 78th Ave., Denver Int'l Airport

(Next to Enterprise Car Rental on "rental car row" on 78th)

Noon – Blue Sun Biodiesel/Gray Oil, 804 Denver Ave, Fort Lupton

2 p.m. – New Belgium Brewing, 500 Linden St., Fort Collins

Clean Energy is the largest provider of natural gas for transportation in North America. Ritter will be visiting the company's DIA fueling station, which provides natural gas to the airport's fleet of buses and is the largest alternative-fueling site in Colorado. It pumps about 3,500 gallons of natural gas a day, or 1.2 million gallons a year.

"Natural gas for transportation makes sense because it's a domestically produced fuel that is significantly cleaner than both gasoline and diesel fuel," said James Orsulak, Clean Energy's Colorado/New Mexico manager. "It makes economic sense for consumers and business owners because it offers significant fuel savings and stability in today's volatile energy market."

One gallon of natural gas fuel costs about a $1 less than premium unleaded gasoline.

Blue Sun Biodiesel has developed a nationally acclaimed high-performance diesel fuel, which contains 20 percent agricultural-based biodiesel and proprietary additives and is known as Blue Sun B20. Blue Sun is already available at more than 15 Colorado retail outlets and is currently used by many government and private sector fleets. A year-long test by the Regional Transportation District in Denver has proven that Blue Sun B20 produces significant environmental emission benefits over other diesel fuels.

"A key component of our business is to develop the crops that will be the future source of crude oil for the biodiesel industry – crops that can be grown here in Colorodo," said Blue Sun President and CEO Jeff Probst. "We're tying the agriculture community in with the energy community. We can create good jobs, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and clean up our air all at the same time."

New Belgium Brewing obtains all of its energy through wind and a bio-digester, co-generation facility. The popular Fort Collins brewery, maker of Fat Tire beer, has bought 17 million kilowatts of wind energy and saved 14 million pounds of coal from burning, while reducing CO2 emissions by 28 million pounds.

"We have long embraced alternative energy here at New Belgium," said media director Bryan Simpson. "We're excited that a candidate for elective office like Bill Ritter understands the importance of alternative energy and the role that government can play in facilitating public-private partnerships."

At the conclusion of Saturday's tour stop, the public is invited to meet and mingle with Bill at the New Belgium Brewingy from 3 to 4:30 p.m.

Ritter's Energy Tour will continue after Saturday throughout the campaign and across the state. Details are pending and will be released as they are finalized.

REPORTERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS AND EDITORS: We have room for one or two journalists to ride in the vehicle with Bill. This would be a great availability opportunity to discuss the Energy Tour or the campaign in general.

ABOUT CLEAN ENERGY. Founded by T. Boone Pickens in 1997, Clean Energy is North America's largest supplier of natural gas for transportation, with a broad customer base in transit, refuse, airport, taxi, shared-ride, police and distribution.

ABOUT BLUE SUN BIODIESEL. The company was founded in 2001 and has its corporate headquarters in Westminster. It is the region's leading supplier of premium biodiesel fuel, producing biodiesel energy crops through cooperatives with regional farmers. For more information, visit or contact Jeff Probst at 303-865-7700 or

ABOUT NEW BELGIUM BREWING. In addition to its innovative wind program, New Belgium also uses cutting edge renewable- and alternative-energy technologies to treat its water, light the facility and power its heating and air conditioning systems. For more information, visit or contact Bryan Simpson at 1-888-NBB-4044 or

For more information about Ritter's campaign, visit, e-mail or call 303.534.0660.


For more information, please contact

Jake Cousins at 303.534.0660 or

August Ritter at 303.534.0660 or

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