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February 06, 2004
Blue Sun Chosen For USDA Renewable Energy Grant

Farmer-Owned Biodiesel Cooperative To Accept Funds During Biofuels Station Grand Opening

Fort Morgan, Colo -- Friday, February 6 -- Colorado farmers who transform agriculture products into biodiesel will generate more income and will help stimulate their local, rural economies. That’s the premise behind the $450,000 United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development grant awarded to Blue Sun Producers, Inc., the state’s only farmer-owned, biodiesel-producing cooperative. Blue Sun Producers is the primary agriculture supplier for Blue Sun Biodiesel, a Fort Collins-based agriculture energy company.

The grant presentation by Rural Development Director Gigi Dennis, which will be attended by Colorado’s Agriculture Commissioner Don Ament, is scheduled during the grand opening of Colorado’s first all biofuels retail station on February 6th at 11:00am.

The biofuels station is located at the Heartland Town and Country store in Ft. Morgan at 20085 US Highway 34. Heartland Town and Country will offer only Blue Sun’s premium, clean-burning B20 and ethanol gasoline.

“This USDA grant not only puts dollars to work right in Colorado, but it clearly demonstrates the power of agriculture,“ said Jeff Probst, CEO and president of Blue Sun Biodiesel. “When Colorado farmers transform their product into biodiesel, they generate revenue for themselves and their communities.”

Biodiesel is a renewable clean burning, high performing, premium diesel fuel that is produced from agricultural resources. It works into today’s vehicles without any engine modifications and reduces harmful toxic emissions for better air quality. Biodiesel also helps reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

"Agricultural-based renewable energy sources like biodiesel are good for the environment, good for Colorado agriculture and compliment President Bush's renewable energy plan,” said Colorado Agriculture Commissioner Don Ament. “I am proud Colorado's farmers are taking a greater role in this important achievement."

Members of the Blue Sun Producers cooperative will grow new, low cost, mustard-based oilseed crops that are well adapted to the High Plains’ arid conditions. These crops require less rain than row crops and produce a higher quality fuel than commonly used soybeans. These crops also allow winter wheat farmers to plant the oilseed as an additional crop for the fallow cycle.

“USDA Rural Development is committed to working with agricultural producers, cooperatives, and businesses in helping them develop opportunities in renewable energy related businesses,” said Gigi Dennis, State Director.

According to Heartland and Town Country, the store is selling biodiesel as a way to differentiate their product from the competition. In addition, owners of the store believe that agriculture can become a major fuel source for the country and improve our energy independence.

“When it comes to using fuel and farming,” said Glenn Babcock, co-owner of the Heartland Town and Country store, “supporting renewable fuels and Blue Sun Biodiesel is the right thing to do.”

About Blue Sun Biodiesel

Blue Sun Biodiesel is an agriculture energy company based in Colorado, founded in 2001 to capitalize on the growing market for biodiesel. The company is engaged in all phases of biodiesel production, from agricultural research and development, to fuel processing, distribution, and value-added customer service.

A recent recipient of a several U.S. federal grants, Blue Sun is now recruiting farmers to grow innovative oilseed crops in Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Kansas, and has formed farmer-investor cooperatives to insure ample supplies. For more information, please visit or call (970) 221-0500.

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