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May 19, 2004
Blue Sun Biodiesel Opens Ten New Retail Stations Across the State of Colorado

Mayor John Hickenlooper opens the pumps at Offen Petroleum in Denver

Denver, CO, May 21, 2004 – Blue Sun Biodiesel has just opened the largest retail biodiesel station in the country with three twenty-four hour pumps at Offen Petroleum in northeast Denver. Presiding over the ceremonies, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper said that biodiesel offers a rare opportunity to "align environmental and economic opportunities." He explained that biodiesel can improve Denver's air quality while creating new jobs and income for Colorado's rural communities. Colorado farmers are now producing the first generation of oilseed crops to supply local biodiesel production plants. Denver is fueling sixty public works trucks and cars with biodiesel, which Hickenlooper described as a step towards making the city "a center for the next generation of alternative fuels."

Carol Rushin, Assistant Regional Administrator for the EPA, pointed to the rising incidence of pollution-related respiratory diseases and the burden of health costs for state and local governments. Last year, ozone levels in Denver reached a seventeen-year high. The region has been awarded several EPA grants to reduce pollution from school buses, spurring local demand for biodiesel, which can be used in school bus fleets without any engine modifications.

Blue Sun Biodiesel President and CEO Jeff Probst said, "Last September we opened the first retail biodiesel station in Colorado. The fact that we now have more than a dozen stations is a testament to the demand for biodiesel. People are realizing that aside from the environmental benefits, it offers superior engine performance." EPA regulations that reduce the sulfur content of diesel fuel are going into effect, and biodiesel replaces the lubricating qualities of sulfur.

The rapidly rising price of diesel fuel in the western states may also be increasing the popularity of biodiesel. Blue Sun will be supplying new biodiesel stations throughout Colorado including Durango, Pueblo, Greeley, Carbondale, and Colorado Springs.

About Blue Sun Biodiesel

Blue Sun Biodiesel is Colorado's supplier of premium biodiesel. The company is developing biodiesel energy crops and infrastructure in cooperation with regional farmers, and implementing state-of-the art production and distribution facilities. Current customers include Shoco Oil, RTD, City of Boulder, City of Denver, Boulder Biodiesel, the University of Colorado, Aspen Homes of Colorado, Waste-Not Recycling, Eco-Cycle, Peak-to-Peak, Agland Inc., Bartkus Oil, and Rocky Mountain National Park. For more information, please visit www.gobluesun.com


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