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August 03, 2007

DENVER, CO - Aardex Delivers Largest LEED Certified Platinum Office Building in the U.S.

 Aardex LLC has fully preleased Signature Centre, a 185,920-square-foot, Class A office building in Denver. The five-story property is at 14143 Denver West Parkway, near the intersection of Denver West Marriot Blvd. and I-70 on the West side of Denver, CO. It delivered last month.

"The Signature Centre is one-of-a-kind. It breaks the mold on what a building can achieve to improve company and employee performance," said Randy Swearingen, director of office development for Aardex. "Green buildings manage energy costs. Tenants and their employees appreciate that."

Gambro, Signature Centre's™ anchor tenant, is relocating from its current location in Lakewood. Gambro is leasing a total of 159,682 square feet. Aardex is also relocating headquarters as well, leasing 17,677 square feet. Other tenants include Blue Sun Biodiesel, which will lease 7,602 square feet, and Bravo Cafe, which will lease 959 square feet.

"Signature is on track to become one of the most sophisticated structures in the country," said Swearingen. "It takes 45 LEED credits to certify as Platinum, the highest honor a building can achieve. Signature Centre is currently tracking at 48 credits; and, if certified Platinum, would become one of the few buildings in the world to earn that distinction."

Founded in 1983, Aardex is a development, design, construction and productivity services firm based in Denver. Designed by internationally known architect Binh Vinh, Aardex principal and vice president of design, the $45 million office building will offer the following state-of-the-art features:

- under-floor air throughout the structure - providing the finest air quality available in building design and documented to dramatically reduce absenteeism

- individual temperature and lighting controls - arguably the number one productivity issue among employees today

- energy efficiencies - reducing utility costs by as much as 50%

- sunshade and generous daylight studies confirm reducing glare while enhancing natural light significantly contributes to workplace productivity

- use of natural non-toxic materials - essential to a healthy building

"The Signature Centre will be LEED gold certified (LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), but that's just really the tip of the iceberg," said Ben Weeks, executive principal-in-charge of the project. "We call it the workplace evolution. If you design space around the worker and the specific business needs, productivity goes sky-high."

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