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May 09, 2006
City of Colorado Springs Fuels Fleet With Cleaner Burning Blue Sun B20

Colorado Springs, May 9, 2006 – The City of Colorado Springs is a leader among municipalities in renewable energy use, having used biodiesel blends at one of its fueling terminals for the past three years. Now the city has expanded its commitment to renewable energy by using Blue Sun B20 in its entire diesel powered fleet. By making this commitment to Blue Sun B20, the city is contributing to improving the region's air quality, supporting rural economic development, and reducing our nation's dependence on foreign oil.


Blue Sun Biodiesel is committed to rural economic development through the development of an alternative oilseed crop industry that supplies the growing biodiesel market. Colorado's economically depressed eastern plains have begun supplying oilseed crops that could produce 100 million gallons of biodiesel without displacing current farm production. This amount of biodiesel production from Colorado-grown oilseed crops can create $1.6 billion in regional income and more than 8,000 new jobs in Colorado. Colorado can capitalize on this new agricultural opportunity with other diesel fleets following the lead of the City of Colorado Springs and making the choice to run Blue Sun B20.


Blue Sun Biodiesel is an agriculture energy company in Colorado, founded in 2001 to develop the market for America's clean renewable fuel. The company is engaged in all phases of biodiesel production, from agricultural research and development to distribution, and value-added customer service. Colorado Springs-based Acorn Petroleum distributes Blue Sun B20 to the City of Colorado Springs, as well as through its retail pump near downtown. Acorn Petroleum has built its business by providing superior customer service, and Blue Sun is pleased with its commitment to providing high quality Blue Sun B20.


Blue Sun B20 is high-quality renewable fuel produced from high-quality biodiesel, proprietary fuel additives, and high-quality diesel fuel in a 20/80 biodiesel to diesel ratio. The blend offers advantages over petroleum diesel by increasing cetane and performance while significantly reducing emissions of particulates, greenhouse gases, carcinogens, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides.


Blue Sun B20 also has superior lubricating properties, reduces engine wear and maintenance costs, and can be used in existing diesel engines without modification. Blue Sun B20 has received excellent testimonials in more than 200 million miles of use in a variety of engines, climates, and applications across Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, California and Canada.


Colorado consumes about 500 million gallons of diesel fuel per year for highway use. Blue Sun estimates the regional B20 biodiesel market will grow to 150 million gallons of Blue Sun B20 annually by 2015.


About Blue Sun Biodiesel

Blue Sun Biodiesel is the region's leading supplier of premium biodiesel fuel. The company produces biodiesel energy crops through cooperatives with regional farmers, and is a leader in biodiesel research and development. Blue Sun markets its premium Blue Sun B20 through an exclusive authorized distributor and retail network.



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Justin Bzdek
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