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October 12, 2005
DPS chooses biodiesel

DPS chooses biodiesel
  Dan Viens  Web Producer

DENVER - Denver Public Schools has decided to run its entire fleet of 400 school buses on biodiesel.

As a result, it becomes one of the largest fleets in the country to make the move.

The buses will burn a fuel call B-20. It is a mixture of 20 percent soybean and canola oil and 80 percent diesel. The fuel costs more, but is cleaner burning.

DPS says with tax credits and grants it will cover the cost of the difference.

The switch will give a significant boost to Fort Collins-based Blue Sun Diesel, the company which will supply the fuel.

To meet growing demand, Blue Sun plans to add a dozen fueling station this fall. It hopes to have 35 pumps in Colorado by the end of the year.

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