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September 12, 2003
Blue Sun Biodiesel to Supply Colorado’s First Retail Outlet

Locally produced biofuels reduce pollution and support regional farmers

Fort Collins, CO (September 12, 2003) – Blue Sun Biodiesel announced that it will be the supplier for the first retail biodiesel pump in Colorado, opening today at Bartkus Oil at 3501 Pearl Street in Boulder. Blue Sun President and CEO Jeff Probst said, “The growing market for biodiesel will have a positive effect on our regional economy, our health and climate. It will also reduce our dependence on foreign oil.” The public availability of biodiesel is the result of collaboration between the University of Colorado, the City of Boulder, Blue Sun and Bartkus Oil.

Blue Sun biodiesel is a high-quality renewable fuel produced from vegetable oil, offering significant advantages over petroleum diesel in reduced emissions of particulates, greenhouse gases, carcinogens, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

Biodiesel is similar to petroleum diesel in engine performance characteristics, but has superior lubricating properties, reducing engine wear and maintenance. Biodiesel is most often mixed with petroleum diesel in a 20/80 ratio (B20), and can be used in existing diesel engines without modification. Biodiesel that meets stringent ASTM D6751 standards has been used successfully in a variety of engines, climates and applications in over 50 million U.S. road miles.

Colorado consumes about 500 million gallons of diesel fuel per year for highway use, and in the U.S., diesel fuel represents about 20% of total petroleum oil consumption. Probst estimates that in the next five to seven years, the regional biodiesel market will grow to 150 million gallons of B20 annually.

The new retail biodiesel station in Boulder is part of a growing national trend, which has seen the opening of new outlets in several major cities during the past year, including Atlanta, San Diego and Portland, Oregon.

Most biodiesel is now produced from soybean oil, a relatively expensive source of feedstock. Blue Sun’s research indicates it can achieve significant reductions in the cost of biodiesel feedstock from development of oilseed crops adapted for arid High Plains growing conditions. The company aims to become the chief biodiesel supplier for the Rocky Mountain region, where there are currently no biodiesel production facilities. With sales starting in June of 2003, Blue Sun is generating revenue through a rapidly expanding customer base that includes the City of Boulder, the University of Colorado, Aspen Homes of Colorado, Waste-Not Recycling, Eco-Cycle, Peak-to-Peak, Agland, Inc., Bartkus Oil, Boulder Biodiesel, and Rocky Mountain National Park.

About Blue Sun Biodiesel

Blue Sun Biodiesel is an agriculture energy company based in Colorado, founded in 2001 to capitalize on the growing market for biodiesel. The company is engaged in all phases of biodiesel production, from agricultural research and development, to fuel processing, distribution, and value-added customer service. A recent recipient of a Department of Energy Small Business Innovation and Research grant, Blue Sun has planted more than 400 acres of innovative oilseed crops in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas, and formed farmer-investor cooperatives to insure ample supplies. For more information, please visit http://www.gobluesun.com.

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