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Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper pumps biodiesel at Offen

Ten New Blue Sun Biodiesel Stations Open Across Colorado

On May 19, 2004 Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper presided over the ceremonies as Blue Sun Biodiesel opened up one of the nation's largest retail biodiesel stations at Offen Petroleum in northeast Denver. The event coincided with the opening of ten new retail stations across the state of Colorado including Durango, Pueblo, Greely and Carbondale.

Declaring that biodiesel offers a rare opportunity to "align environmental and economic opportunities" Hickenlooper explained that biodiesel has the potential to improve Denver's air quality while creating new jobs and income for Colorado's rural communities. He said "We get both benefits from a single effort." Noting the lack of legislative incentives, and the fact that the price of biodiesel is still slightly higher than the price of diesel, he said "We need to find more ways to reward people who are using alternative fuels." See Press Release

Fueling biodiesel at Offen Petroleum in Denver

Denver launching biodiesel program

On April 22, Hickenlooper announced a pilot program for Denver to fuel 60 Public Works cars and trucks with biodiesel. Both Hickenlooper and Margie Perkins, Director of the Air Division for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, spoke about the health effects and the rising health costs of air pollution in Denver. Carol Rushin, Assistant Regional Administrator of the EPA, noted that city, state and community organizations are all looking for new ways to reduce Denver's air pollution problems.

Offen Petroleum leads by example

Blue Sun CEO Jeff Probst, Bill Gallagher, Denver Mayor John Nickenlooper, Gren Gallagher

Bill and Gwen Gallagher, owners of Offen Petroleum, will be using biodiesel for their own tankers as they deliver fuel to local trucking fleets in northeast Denver. Right now, Bill Gallagher says he will be marketing biodiesel to committed environmentalists and public authorities, and they are targeting sales of 40-50 thousand gallons per month. But he hopes that his trucking fleet customers will soon follow his example. As the EPA continues to reduce allowable amounts of sulfur in diesel fuel, biodiesel can be used to replace the lubricating properties of sulfur, resulting in a fuel that is not only cleaner, but kinder to diesel engines.

Meanwhile, Colorado and Nebraska farmers participating in Blue Sun producer cooperatives are about to harvest their first season of oilseed crops for biodiesel, creating a local supply for expanded biodiesel production in the state.


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Photos courtesy of the Colorado Power Stroke Club

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