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Line 5 and reliable energy | News, Sports, Jobs



The region’s ability to receive an uninterrupted supply of reliable energy from Enbridge’s Line 5, while protecting Michigan’s waters, is not an either-or situation as portrayed in a recent article.

Our region relies on Enbridge Line 5 to provide light crude oil and natural gas liquids, including propane, to heat our homes and power Michigan’s economy. Enbridge uses the best preparedness and prevention strategies to ensure the protection of our treasured waterways while upholding our commitment to providing this vital energy.

Last fall, we opened the Enbridge Straits Maritime Operations Center (ESMOC) in St. Ignace as a testament to our dedication to prevention. The ESMOC utilizes world-class technology, marine monitoring safety systems and highly skilled staff to protect the Straits 24/7.

Enbridge also participates with the U.S. Coast Guard and other first responders in drills specific to the Straits to ensure preparedness. These exercises enhance training skills, coordination and resources for responding to scenarios in the Straits under various weather conditions – including wintery ones.

Ten regional refineries located in Michigan and surrounding states and two of Canada’s largest provinces rely on Line 5 for heat and producing fuels that keep us on the go and transport food, clothing and medical supplies to our doors. Product from Line 5 also is essential to the manufacture of more than 6,000 items – including phones, computers and televisions that keep us connected.

To continue meeting the region’s energy needs, Enbridge is constructing the Great Lakes Tunnel. Housing a replacement segment of Line 5 deep below the lakebed in the Tunnel will eliminate chance of an anchor strike to Line 5 and virtually eliminate a leak from impacting the Straits.

The tunnel is the next logical step to meeting Michigan’s energy and environmental needs, which is why 70 percent of Michiganders support its construction.

Kate Houchard

Enbridge Operations



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