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There are several bills pending in Washington that could have an important --and positive -- impact on the development and pricing of biodiesel fuels. Take moment to contact your representatives to express your support for renewable transportation fuels. Among the bills under consideration:

The Energy Policy Act of 2003, referred to as the "Omnibus Energy Bill."
Congress has been at work since last summer on the Energy Policy Act of 2003, a comprehensive national energy bill which failed to gain approval last year. The new bill contains biofuels tax incentives along with a Renewable Fuels standard that calls for the nation to increase its use of renewable domestic fuels, like ethanol and biodiesel.

Tax Incentives for Biodiesel:
As part of the energy legislation, the Senate has approved S 1548 to amend the Internal Revenue Code to include tax incentives for biodiesel and ethanol. Representative Kenny Hulshof of Missouri has recently introduced a companion bill in the House, HR 3119. According to the National Biodiesel Board the bills would "provide a penny tax credit per blended percentage point, which will lower the cost to the end user. This will make biodiesel cost competitive with straight petrodiesel." For more information see the National Biodiesel Board write up.

For details, including the text of the bills see Thomas, Legislative Information on the Internet.

To contact Colorado Congressional Representatives:
Senator Nighthorse Campbell
Senator Wayne Allard

District 1 - Diana L. DeGette (D)
District 2 - Mark E. Udall (D)
District 3 - Scott McInnis (R)
District 4 - Marilyn Musgrave (R)
District 5 - Joel Hefley (R)
District 6 - Thomas G. 'Tom' Tancredo (R)
District 7 - Bob Beauprez (R)