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We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint on all fronts. You already know how beneficial Blue Sun’s fuels are for the environment, but did you know we extend our environmentally-conscious practices to our workspace?

In January 2008, Blue Sun Biodiesel moved our world-wide headquarters to the largest LEED Certified Platinum office building in the country, the Signature Center in Golden, Colorado. This LEED Platinum certified building cost the same amount as it would have using traditional construction, and it continues to save by cutting energy costs by 50%.

Features of this unique office space include:
> Natural light permeates the entire office, decreasing the overall need for artificial lighting
> Passive solar energy maximizes the heating system’s output with reduced energy usage
> Automatic controls monitor light amounts, turning on lights only as they are needed
> Altos moveable wall system used to create interior offices – easy to install & change
> Pollution is controlled with Merv 13 filters, cutting CO² emissions by 35%
> Teknion Office furnishings made with a majority of recycled materials
> An efficient Underfloor Air delivery system that controls ventilation
> A raised floor design, increasing accessibility for phones and power
> Water control systems reduce usage by an average of 40%
> Voice Over IP telephone system uses 50% less wiring

As the only energy company in a LEED Platinum facility we are working to be the change we want to see in the world. Join us by fueling your vehicles with our premium blend biodiesel. .