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Blue Sun B20, Blue Sun's flagship product, is available at numerous pumps throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Idaho. Blue Sun B20 is a blend of premium Blue Sun Biodiesel (20%) with petroleum diesel fuel (80%), along with Blue Sun's proprietary additive package specifically tailored for regional climates and seasons.

Recent research and data indicate that Blue Sun B20 can outperform conventional diesel and other B20 blends significantly in terms of emissions reductions, particularly the reduction of nitrogen oxides (NO), a criteria EPA pollutant that contributes to the formation of ozone. Blue Sun B20 is the only B20 available in the United States that research shows reduces NO. See table of the Department of Energy research results below.

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
(NREL) Golden, Colorado

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Event:   February 22, 2006
Sustainable Opportunities Summit: Blue Sun Biodiesel President and CEO Jeff Probst is a Featured Speaker
Colorado Energy Entrepreneurs to Speak at Sustainable Opportunities Summit Boulder, CO, February 4, 2006 –Jeff Probst, President and CEO of Blue Sun Biodiesel and Tom Feiler, Regional...
Location:   February 22-24 at the Millennium Hotel in Boulder

News Article:   February 16, 2006
Event merges dollars and sense: Blue Sun to Present at Summit
By RICHARD VALENTY Colorado Daily Staff WriterSunday, February 12, 2006 9:12 PM MST At first, the title for the upcoming Sustainable Opportunities Summit might suggest an...

News Article:   February 06, 2006
Lawmakers laud Bush's push for oil alternatives
In late December, Blue Sun Biodiesel, based in Westminster, opened a pump at Team Petroleum in Old Town, 105 E. Lincoln St. WASHINGTON - President...

News Article:   January 06, 2006
Popularity of Biodiesel Grows Amid High Gas Prices: Featuring Blue Sun Biodiesel
Popularity of Biodiesel Grows Amid High Gas Prices by Eric Mack All Things Considered, January 3, 2006 · Biodiesel consumption is up across the country. High...

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