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Home Energy Home weatherization work begins with an energy audit

Home weatherization work begins with an energy audit


BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – With heating costs on the rise, Many Vermonters are weatherizing their homes to help keep costs down. Experts advise the first step should begin with an energy audit to determine how to best button up.

Many old properties in Burlington are rife with issues, making them extremely inefficient. That’s why the push is ongoing to weatherize rental properties in the city.

Wayne Thompson, an energy auditor with Vermont Gas, is checking a home in Burlington’s New North End to see what work needs to be done. He’s been doing this for nearly three decades and loves his job. “Meeting the customers, saving energy, and making sure the house is safe,” Thompson said.

Energy auditors check for items including how much insulation is present in a home, the efficiency of heating systems, and other safety checks. He says demand for energy audits jumped thanks to the pandemic. “Folks being home, working in the office at home and feeling that draft when they weren’t feeling that draft when they were at work so much,” Thompson said.

Rachel Hoff lives in the home and says that back in August they noticed some issues and decided to schedule an energy audit. “For me, it’s mostly just that you get drafts randomly around windows and in the bathroom. Certain rooms are colder downstairs — heat fluctuations. Also, just how efficient are the walls, how efficient are the heaters,” Hoff said.

She wants to get into the queue to schedule weatherization work to help increase her family’s quality of life. “It’s important because first of all, it’s money — so, savings — but also comfort. You want to be comfortable in your house and you want your kids to be comfortable,” Hoff said.

Burlington’s new weatherization ordinance is geared towards pushing property owners to schedule energy audits and then get the work done. The ordinance caps the property owners’ cost at $5,000, but there are also rebates available to help cut down on costs.

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