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The following people have kindly agreed to be listed on our website for their expertise on biodiesel, although they are in not affiliated with Blue Sun Biodiesel:

Shaine Tyson
National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL)
Biodiesel Project Manager
Tel: 303-275-4616
Topics: Biodiesel chemistry, fuel uses, fuel characteristics from different types of biodiesel feedstock crops, energy balance, biodiesel economics, emissions characteristics.

Tom Potter
Consultant to the Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation and the Rocky Mountain Farmer's Union
Tel: 303-503-2230
Topics: Impact of renewable energy development on the rural economy

Dan Bell
Town of Breckenridge Public Works
Tel: 970-453-3179
Topics: Implementing biodisel in a town, cold weather characteristics, biodiesel fleet management issues for cities and towns, impact on town environment.
A quote from one of Dan's presentations.

Scott and Becky Hohnstein
Co-owners Shoco Oil
Tel: 970-929-9114
Topics: Diesel engines, diesel fuel benefits, biodiesel and diesel markets and customers in the Denver metro area.

Blue Sun Biodiesel Experts:

Jeff Probst
President and CEO, Blue Sun Biodiesel
Tel: 970-221-0500
Topics: Blue Sun Biodiesel company strategy, biodiesel markets, Blue Sun customers and regional markets for biodiesel.

Justin Bzdek
CFO, Blue Sun Biodiesel
Tel: 970-221-0500
Topics: Blue Sun Biodiesel business plan development, strategic partnerships, Board of Directors and investor relations, R&D management, human resources, cooperatives governance, and financial management.

Sean Lafferty
Vice President, Operations, Blue Sun Biodiesel
Tel: 970-221-0500
Topics: Blue Sun Biodiesel's agronomy, facility construction, blending and distribution, engineering, farmer cooperatives for oilseed crops, plants under study for Blue Sun biodiesel production.

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