Essential Guide to the Bezel Less Monitor Technology

December 6, 2017
December 6, 2017 gobluesu_user1

Essential Guide to the Bezel Less Monitor Technology

Have you ever had a desire to use a monitor that doesn’t have a large plastic frame? In times past, we generally had to settle for chunky and costly monitors. The fast developments in the technology behind monitors have opened up a new vista with loads of new innovations like the bezel less monitor.

Modern monitors come with remarkable state-of-the-art technologies with touch screens, almost bezel less frames, ultra-high resolution displays with 3D engineering and sensor gestures.

A majority of the major manufacturers now design frameless or no bezel monitors. Due to the fact that there are a lot of options to pick from, how does one go about getting the best thin bezel monitor?

What is a frameless/no bezel monitor?

Whether it is for a smartphone or bigger external monitors, the idea of thin bezels has been well-accepted in the last couple of years. As the name implies, bezel less monitors are designed with a particular notion of eradicating the massive plastic frame around the display panel. Admittedly, the expression “bezel-less” sounds a bit exaggerated. Rather, the term “thin bezel” sounds better in this case. The fact is, while putting them next to each other, the impression given by the thin bezel monitors is that of a single-frame bezel less setup.


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