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Home Energy Energy company confirms wind turbine collapses near Paxton

Energy company confirms wind turbine collapses near Paxton


PAXTON, Ill. (WCIA) — A wind turbine located just south of Route 9 near Paxton has collapsed.

RWE Renewables Americas LLC, who owns the turbine, confirmed they received reports the turbine collapsed this evening. They continue to investigate the situation.

A neighbor who lives about a quarter mile from the turbine said on Thursday evening the collapse sounded like a loud rumble of thunder. They also said they could feel the vibration from the impact inside their home.

The company has the area secured at this time and is concerned about the safety of those in the area. They are asking everyone to stay away from the area as crews work.

Additionally, the company said that this situation is very rare and nothing like this has happened with any of the other turbines they operate across the country.

We reported on Wednesday the turbine was visibly leaning. Crews have since been on site investigating the situation.

The turbine is part of the Pioneer Trail Wind Farm.

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