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Make no mistake about it, biodiesel is the future. Biodiesel is made from recurring plant material that can be stripped down into industrial oils, which can be used for fuel; in other words, plant-based diesel.

We're all about biodiesel information. is dedicated its mission of spreading the very best information about biodiesel. This is’s mission and vision statement. We’re all about biodiesel information. We’re all about encouraging people from all four corners of the world to roll up their sleeves, discover the value of biodiesel in their local area, and put the information we make available here to use. It is our hope that people will be able to use certain feedstocks to produce biodiesel cheaply in their area, and thereby reduce their local economies dependence on fossil fuels.

We all know the horrors, dangers and risks inherent in fossil fuels. Unfortunately, too many people are of the opinion that there’s really no other alternative. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an alternative. There are all sorts of plant seeds and feedstocks that can be reduced to biodiesel, so as to prevent people from having to shell out the bucks that they don’t have to buy highly polluting and non-renewable energy source.

A great thing about biodiesel is that you’re ultimately just returning current energy to the Sun. That’s all you’re doing. It is one of the most energy-efficient and energy-responsible sources of heating and lighting in the world. Unlike our fossil fuel, which involves burning hydrocarbons that were actually stored from captured solar energy hundreds of millions of years ago, when you use biodiesel, you’re just simply recycling energy that was stored recently. This is why, on a global basis, you’re practically not adding pollution to the world if you use biodiesel energy that you are when you’re using fossil fuels.

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