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Home Energy Con Edison Customers Made 2022 Another Record Year for Solar Energy

Con Edison Customers Made 2022 Another Record Year for Solar Energy


Those 9,600 solar projects have the capacity to produce 89 megawatts of clean electricity, enough to power the part of Lower Manhattan that includes the New York Stock Exchange, other important financial institutions, and high-rise business and residential buildings.


Con Edison customers in New York City and Westchester County have now completed 52,600 projects that have the capacity to produce more than 487 megawatts, or 487 million watts. (One megawatt is equal to 1 million watts.)


The solar numbers are impressive because until about 15 years ago, solar panels on a New York City or Westchester County roof were a rarity.


The information is available in Con Edison’s Clean Energy Update, which is a running account of the region’s progress toward a clean energy future. The company updates the information each quarter.


“Our customers recognize the unique opportunity New Yorkers have to lead in reducing carbon emissions, stymieing climate change and ensuring that the planet remains sustainable for future generations,” said Gregory Elcock, Con Edison’s vice president of Energy Efficiency and Distributed Resource Integration. “Our Clean Energy Update is a valuable resource for customers, policy makers and others who want to track our progress in lowering emissions and helping New York City and State meet their environmental goals.”


The solar panels customers installed in 2022 are the equivalent of taking nearly 18,000 cars off the road in terms of greenhouse gas emissions avoided.


Con Edison wants to build on its success in helping customers complete solar projects by owning large-scale solar generation projects in the state. The company would like state approval for ownership of these projects because Con Edison can operate them more efficiently than private developers, meaning customers would save money.

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