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Blue Sun Biodiesel Fuels

Blue Means Go.
Blue Sun Biodiesel is premium diesel fuel. Go with the highest-performing diesel fuel you can buy.
Go with Blue Sun.

Go Farther  with a fuel that increases mileage, power, and engine life

Go Stronger  with a fuel that reduces our dependence on foreign oil

Go Cleaner  with a fuel that dramatically reduces emissions

Go Smarter  with a renewable fuel grown on American farms

Blue Sun B20, Blue Sun's flagship product, is available at numerous pumps throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Idaho. Blue Sun B20 is a blend of premium Blue Sun Biodiesel (20%) with petroleum diesel fuel (80%), along with Blue Sun's proprietary additive package specifically tailored for regional climates and seasons. Recent government research data indicates that Blue Sun B20 outperforms competitors' B20 significantly in terms of emissions reductions, particularly the reduction of nitrogen oxides (NO, a criteria EPA pollutant that contributes to the formation of ozone. Blue Sun B20 is the only B20 available in the United States that research shows reduces NO. See table of the Department of Energy research results below.

National Renewable Energy
Laboratory (NREL)
Golden, Colorado

Automated B20 Terminals.
The Blue Sun Alamosa B20 Terminal pictured below commenced operations in February 2005. It is the first ratio blending B20 terminal in the United States. The Alamosa Terminal gives Blue Sun the ability to distribute "ratio blended" B20 by rail or truck to its target markets in the Rocky Mountain region, the West Coast, and nationwide as required.

Blue Sun Biodiesel is America's Clean Renewable Fuel™

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