Blue Sun's Conor Hobbs Talks at 23rd Annual SAVMI Conference (Ski Areas)

A record 343 attendees showed up for the 23rd annual SAVMI Conference and Trade Show in Grand Junction May 12-15 at the Two Rivers Convention Center. Good snow and, therefore, business in New Mexico and Arizona helped boost attendance.

In discussing biodiesel, Conor Hobbs of Blue Sun Biodiesel discussed a range of issues around this fuel, from the best crops for producing it to its beneficial properties. These include: a 78 percent “lifecycle” reduction in CO2, lower cost currently than petroleum-based diesel, extended engine oil life, and even a 3 to 7 percent increase in fuel efficiency. In addition, he noted that Blue Sun’s refining process produces a fuel that meets (and often exceeds) the federal standard for diesel, which means its use can not void any manufacturer’s warranty. Blue Sun’s standard refining process creates a fuel with a cold filter plug point of -20º F.; additives can take this down to -30º F. And it’s reliable: Aspen has been using a Blue Sun B20 blend for five years, and Durango Mountain Resort for four years. With petroleum-based diesel at its current price level, Blue Sun Biodiesel looks like an increasingly economical, as well as environmental, option for resorts.

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