Corporate Express Converts Two Truck Fleets to B20 Biodiesel

     Corporate Express Converts Two Truck Fleets to B20 Biodiesel
January 28, 2008: 10:00 AM EST

BROOMFIELD, Colo., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Corporate Express US Inc., part of the Dutch-based Corporate Express NV , announced today that it is now fueling the majority of its delivery truck fleets in Colorado and Kansas with Blue Sun's Fusion B20 biodiesel -- an ultra-low sulfur fuel comprising 20% virgin oilseed-based biodiesel, from renewable US-grown crops, and 80% petroleum diesel.

This strategic step will significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the Company's Colorado and Kansas fleets -- a total of 45 trucks. The use of B20 fuel, as compared to using regular petroleum diesel, reduces carbon monoxide by 24%, hydrocarbons by 29%, particulates by 18% and nitrogen oxides by 4%, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado.

"We already have an extremely efficient US distribution model with advanced technology such as systems to map out highly streamlined driver routes," said Jay Mutschler, President of Corporate Express US. "Using biodiesel in our trucks will advance our distribution while decreasing emissions and further reducing our Company's carbon footprint."

This move is part of Corporate Express' plans to reduce environmental impact through goals for facilities, distribution operations, sustainable forestry, environmentally sustainable products and social responsibility. These plans are outlined in the Company's US Sustainability Policy.

"Because Fusion B20 is a cleaner fuel, we expect that it will help reduce truck engine wear and also improve miles per gallon," said Tim Beauchamp, Senior Vice President of Customer Care and Distribution Operations.

Blue Sun's Fusion B20 biodiesel can be used in conventional compression-ignition engines that were designed to be operated on diesel fuel, making it a direct substitute for traditional petroleum diesel. The Company will use the fuel in its trucks that were built after 2004.

"As cost and availability of this high-quality biofuel increase, we will look to transition additional trucks that are able to run on this fuel, to help further reduce emissions from our US fleet," said Beauchamp.

The use of US-produced Fusion B20 biodiesel helps to reduce dependence on foreign oil imports. Colorado-based Blue Sun Biodiesel, LLC produces their Fusion B20 product from crops grown in the US specifically to be used as fuel. According to the US Department of Energy, the US currently imports more than 60% of its petroleum. As use of Fusion B20 increases, it will contribute positively to our economy by keeping more fuel dollars in the country and by creating more jobs for US farmers to grow crops for Blue Sun's products.

"We're pleased Corporate Express has chosen to partner with Blue Sun in support of this sustainability initiative. The added performance and economic benefits they'll enjoy will ensure a long-term relationship for both companies," said Jeff Probst, Blue Sun's President and CEO.

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