Blue Sun Biodiesel 3 Years Ahead of ASTM Standards

GOLDEN, Colo., October 16, 2008 – Blue Sun Biodiesel welcomes the new ASTM cold soak filtration test that is proving to be a challenge for other biodiesel companies. Blue Sun’s internal cold soak filter testing specifications were established in 2005 and exceed even the new ASTM specification.

“We supply the best biodiesel in the market,” said Sean Lafferty, Vice President Technology & Strategic Projects at Blue Sun Energy, the parent company of Blue Sun Biodiesel. “To assure we are producing the absolute best fuel, we long ago developed stringent internal specifications. ASTM is just a starting point, a bare minimum. Blue Sun’s goal all along has been to significantly exceed the ASTM specification, and we’ve been able to do that continuously since we started in 2001.”

The ASTM cold soak filtration test requires biodiesel, which has been cooled for 16 hours at 40 degrees Fahrenheit then warmed to a room temperature of 68 to 72 degrees, to pass through a single 0.7 micron filter without clogging.

Blue Sun Biodiesel’s test specification exceeds ASTM’s approach to cold soak in two proprietary ways -- one dealing with the actual filtration process and the other relating to pass-fail criteria.

Blue Sun’s fuel quality experts were instrumental in demonstrating to the rest of the biodiesel industry the importance of the cold soak filter test on ensuring fuel quality.  Lafferty and his team displayed their foresight by including the requirement into Blue Sun’s proprietary fuel specification three years ago.

OPIS, the Oil Price Information Service, reported last month that the, “new ASTM cold-soak filtration test required for biodiesel could cost producers 3 to 10 cents per gallon to implement on an ongoing basis.”

Mike Miller, President and COO at Blue Sun calls the industry’s efforts, “typical learning curves for any new change.”

“Many companies entered the biodiesel market somewhat unprepared. Their products may not have been fully developed and, therefore, they now must cope with this new demand, and the resultant added costs, in order to fulfill the requirement. As fuel specifications evolve, the demands of savvy fuel buyers continue to push the technical capabilities of traditional suppliers. Blue Sun has always worked hard to anticipate our customers’ needs and we continue to innovate to assure our fuel products are the best there is,” said Miller. “We solved the cold soak problem years ago,” he concluded.

If a biodiesel sample does not at least meet current ASTM specifications, it is unlikely to be in demand in fuel markets. Only ASTM-spec biodiesel qualifies for the federal $1 per gallon blender’s credit.


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