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Business Strategy

Founded in 2001, Blue Sun Biodiesel's objective is to bring the cost of biodiesel in line
with petroleum diesel.

Blue Sun is working to reduce the cost of high-grade biodiesel fuel through the development and production of low cost oilseed crops for dryland agriculture on the High Plains of Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, and neighboring states. Blue Sun's affiliate biodiesel production facilities supply Blue Sun's distribution network, using preferred relationships with the region's fuel distributors and biodiesel customers. Blue Sun's industry-leading QA/QC policies, proprietary Blue Sun B20 additive packages, blending technology, and exclusive contracts with leading fuel distributors assure that high-quality, differentiated Blue Sun Biodiesel is consistently available nationwide.

The Blue Sun team includes the nation's leading biodiesel experts, top agronomists at CSU, KSU, and the University of Nebraska, growers in the High Plains region, and a well-directed and focused management team.

Blue Sun is committed to improving our communities and our environment, and contributing to national security by reducing dependence upon imported fuel. Blue Sun's goal is to produce high-quality biodiesel in the most energy efficient and environmentally responsible manner. In doing so, Blue Sun will further the use of biodiesel to improve local, regional and national air quality, all while supporting U.S. agriculture and strengthening

Blue Sun addresses four key problems:
Rapidly declining reserves of petroleum
National security interests requiring that the U.S. reduce dependence on imported petroleum
Air quality issues and pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate
global warming
Pressure to improve the U.S. farm economy

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