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From cleaner air to a cleaner world, biodiesel provides
numerous advantages over petroleum fuels. Among the benefits:

Renewable Fuel Source. Unlike fossil fuels, biodiesel is made from vegetable oilseed crops grown in America, which replenishes the market annually with renewable feedstock.

No new vehicles or engine modifications. Biodiesel works in today’s engines-no special vehicles or engine modifications are needed to meet the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct) using biodiesel.

Performance comparable to petroleum diesel. Recent studies show that biodiesel actually increases engine efficiency through a higher cetane rating.

Biodegradable and less toxic than table salt. Biodiesel is far less damaging to the environment than petroleum diesel, particularly in environmentally sensitive areas or in the event of an oil spill or leak.

Dramatically reduces emissions.
Biodiesel reduces net CO2 emissions by over 78% compared to petroleum diesel, according the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). In fact, even blended with petroleum diesel, biodiesel significantly reduces all emission types except NOx.

Reduces environmental degradation. Growing crops for bio-energy means less need for petroleum drilling and exploration.

Made in the USA. Biodiesel benefits American farmers, businesses and the national economy. Job creation, new markets for domestic agricultural products and keeping our energy dollars domestic are just a few of the many economic benefits gained by using biodiesel instead of petroleum diesel.