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ABOUT | Overview

Blue Sun is a producer and marketer of premium renewable fuel products.

The Blue Sun St Joseph Refinery in St Joe, Missouri is among the most efficient biodiesel plants in the U.S. and produces the highest quality B100 biodiesel, exceeding ASTM specifications. Blue Sun is currently launching a technology that creates very high quality biodiesel at significantly lower cost than current technologies. Once upgrades are complete on this operational plant, it will be the most advanced biodiesel facility in the U.S.

Blue Sun has terminal operations for biodiesel in Knoxville, Tennessee where wholesale customers can pick up any blend, from B1 to B100, automatically ratio blended at the rack. This facility is located at the Cummins Terminal in Knoxville.

Blue Sun is continuously investigating opportunities in the future of alternative energies. In the past the company has been involved in large algae R&D projects, agriculture and biofuel feedstock development, biodiesel fuel technologies to increase cold flow and other biodiesel performance factors, and more.

Blue Sun is headquartered in Golden, Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

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ABOUT | Company Background

Founded in 2001, Blue Sun successfully incorporated biodiesel into the existing petroleum fuels infrastructure by focusing on an integrated approach to addressing market needs.  This approach includes reducing the cost of feedstocks through the development of alternative feedstocks, building biodiesel production facilities that yield the highest quality fuel in the world, researching and developing industry-leading biodiesel-specific fuel additives, and efficiently distributing biodiesel with control and oversight throughout the downstream value chain.  In leveraging our positions throughout this integrated structure, Blue Sun manages biodiesel fuel quality at every step between feedstock and fuel combustion.  

In 2004 Blue Sun developed the proprietary Fusion™ brand of biodiesel fuel. This fuel takes high-quality Blue Sun B100 fuel and blends it to customer specifications and backs the product with Blue Sun industry-leading QA/QC policies, proprietary Blue Sun Fusion™ additive packages, and blending technology to ensure high-quality, differentiated Blue Sun Biodiesel is consistently available throughout our Fusion™ distribution network.

In 2012 Blue Sun brought their St Joe refinery online to produce high-quality biodiesel for wholesale distribution. Early in 2012 Blue Sun also established a downstream terminal presence for biodiesel in Knoxville, TN.

The Blue Sun team includes the nation's leading biodiesel fuel quality experts and a well-directed and focused management team.

Blue Sun is committed to improving our communities and our environment, and contributing to strengthened national security by reducing U.S. dependence on imported fuel.  In striving for these goals, Blue Sun will further the use of biodiesel to improve local, regional and national air quality.

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ABOUT | Management

Leigh Freeman | Chief Executive Officer, Director

Leigh Freeman assumed the positions of CEO and Director of Blue Sun Energy after nearly three years as a strategic and financial consultant with the Company. In this latter role he has arranged the last three financings for Blue Sun. Leigh is a co-founder of BitterRoot Group LLC, a 'broodtank' for innovative, resource-based businesses and has been responsible for bringing a number of private businesses through the public financing process.

He has served in technical, managerial and executive positions with major and start-up companies over his 30+ year career.  Leigh is a regular speaker at domestic and international conferences on the topics of innovation, talent, team-building and business strategies in the resource industries. He sits on advisory boards for a number of US and Canadian universities.

Leigh earned a degree in Geological Engineering from the University of Montana at Montana Tech.

Bruce Baughman | Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Baughman has over 32 years experience in heavy industrial manufacturing, agri/chemical-process, energy/biofuels, food manufacturing and facility and corporate management; including process design, maintenance engineering, process optimization and major capital construction project management.

Mr. Baughman will initially direct activities at Blue Sun’s upgrade of the St. Joseph, Missouri biodiesel processing facility. Along with executive management Mr. Baughman will help set the strategic direction of the company and execute current strategic plans.

Mr. Baughman has worked with ADM, DuPont/Solae, Kraft, Cargill, Abitec Corp, ITG GreenHunter and Mission New Energy. Mr. Baughman is a graduate of the University of Missouri, Rolla.

Sean Lafferty | Vice President Technology & New Business

Mr. Lafferty, one of the founders of Blue Sun, had previously served as Vice President, Operations of Blue Sun and SunFuels since its founding in November, 2001. He had also served as Secretary, Treasurer and Director during his time with SunFuels, and has been a Vice President and Director of ARES Blue Sun Development, LLC since its inception. Prior to founding SunFuels Mr. Lafferty gained experience in the electric power and renewable energy fields while serving as an Electrical Engineer for Exponential Engineering Co. He has 15 years of applied electrical engineering experience with a focus on power systems. Mr. Lafferty earned a B.S. in electrical engineering from Colorado State University.

Jerry Washburn | Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Washburn has over 35 years of financial and technology experience in a variety of senior level roles (CFO, COO, CEO, Advisory and Fiduciary Board) and has spent much of his career leading early-stage and emerging market companies through rapid scale to their next levels. Mr. Washburn’s experience spans all the crucial facets of rapid growth companies including, successfully concluding multiple capital, debt/equity transactions, business development and strategic planning, technology and business process implementation, mergers and acquisitions and private-to-public transactions. 

Mr. Washburn is unusually well grounded in both corporate finance and technology systems and infrastructures and is particularly adept and a highly sought after business process and technology specialist for rapid growth companies. Prior to joining Blue Sun, Mr. Washburn led the successful GRC (corporate governance, risk management and compliance) implementation at Pacific Ethanol, Inc., (Nasdaq “PEIX”) in support of that company’s scale from a $70 million private company to its present $500 million public company status, including installation of new ERP systems for information collection, processing and reporting and successfully leading the company through its initial Sarbanes-Oxley assessment and evaluation.

Mr. Washburn commenced his career with Arthur Andersen & Company where he served as engagement head of Boise Cascade and Georgia Pacific Corporations and was a specialist in SEC matters and Internal Control systems and processes. Following Andersen, Mr. Washburn served in senior leadership roles at Total Information Systems, Inc., an ERP software developer, IPRO, Inc., an imaging technology developer and litigation support company and OneSource Technologies, Inc., (OTB “ORCS”) a large-scale equipment technology service provider.

Mr. Washburn, a CPA holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University.