ABOUT | Overview

Blue Sun is a producer and marketer of premium renewable fuel products.

The Blue Sun St Joseph Refinery in St Joe, Missouri is among the most efficient biodiesel plants in the U.S. and produces the highest quality B100 biodiesel, exceeding ASTM specifications. Blue Sun is currently launching a technology that creates very high quality biodiesel at significantly lower cost than current technologies. Once upgrades are complete on this operational plant, it will be the most advanced biodiesel facility in the U.S.

Blue Sun has terminal operations for biodiesel in Knoxville, Tennessee where wholesale customers can pick up any blend, from B1 to B100, automatically ratio blended at the rack. This facility is located at the Cummins Terminal in Knoxville.

Blue Sun is continuously investigating opportunities in the future of alternative energies. In the past the company has been involved in large algae R&D projects, agriculture and biofuel feedstock development, biodiesel fuel technologies to increase cold flow and other biodiesel performance factors, and more.

Blue Sun is headquartered in Golden, Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.